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Why is Michael Bennett complaining? (1 Viewer)

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Here is what baffles me...this guy is lucky to be on a team, collecting a paycheck, and not having to do much other than practice during the week. He is never going to make an assault on the record books, there is nothing to suggest he should be starting anywhere in this league...at the very best he might be an RB2 somewhere, and he should know better than the rest of us that incresae in playing time during the pre season spells out limited touches during the regular season. If they really want to make you a vital part of the offense, they will not let you play much in the pre season...why is this so hard for people to undestand?

I'm sure I would not enjoy being deactivated every week, but he still gets a paycheck, likely earning $500,000+ a year, just shut up and take the money. He is not alone here...lot of players seem to think they are worth far more than what they really are.

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He probably shouldn't complain to the media, but I guess I respect the fact that he clearly wants to play and contribute rather than do the easy think and happily be deactivated every week and collect a paycheck.

I don't see anything wrong with it actually, the reporters probably came up to him and he expressed his true feelings. I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was. The guy just feels he deserves some PT based on his preseason play and practice. Sounds like he rededicated himself and he got no payoff. Just disappointed like anyone would be.

I thought he looked great this preseason. :wub: Obviously he isn't going to play in Tampa with Dunn/Graham running the way they are.

When Bennett talks, I listen. He has more 100 yard rushing games than Adrian Peterson for the Vikings. :confused:


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