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Will any of these players increase in value and be worth holding on my bench? (1 Viewer)


Standard PPR, 16 man roster 9 starters, 7 bench
Jameis Winston, Juwan Johnson, Nelson Agholor, Jared Cook, Latavius Murray, Christian Kirk

Ones worth keeping (to me)
Maybe Agholor, Cook, and Kirk

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I am no fantasy expert but I am in a similar league type and own some of them.  My free opinion:

Winston - a great 2nd QB based on matchups.  He is a boom bust type.  Personally I pass and my league has some better options on the WW right now.

J Johnson - I don't see the volume.  No keeper IMO

Cook - I dunno.  He is on a high end offense but there are better options on the team.  He might have some good weeks but when?  True of lots of TEs

Kirk - I have him myself.  He is pretty much the 3rd WR on a 4 WR team and Hopkins is clear #1 (who Murray loves) and Moore is going to emerge as clear #2.  Goal line A Green still has gas in the tank.  I don't see Kirk ever being start able unless there are injuries.

Agholar - yeah a clear starter on NE but there isn't much volume.  Maybe it changes.  Maybe not. 

Murray - I also have him AND Williams trying to figure out who will be #1 in a good running team at BAL.  After yesterday my answer is - I dunno.  Even if Murray does get a 50/50 split he doesn't look to have any explosiveness left.  hard to see him having more than a few games where he scores and becomes relevant.  Williams if he gets his act together is going to get the passing game work and offers explosiveness and eventually Murray is like in NO - break glass in case of injury. 



It all depends on who you are dropping them for.  None of them should just be dropped so in order to provide a worthwhile comment we need to know what the choices are.


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