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Will Demps - Any Value next Year? (1 Viewer)


I have to decide (for practical purposes) ... do I keep Demps for next year or do I cut him now and save the contract year for next year? What are his chances of coming back from his injury? He was not a real good play until Ed Reed went down for the most part ...(16 team IDP dynasty, start 2-3 DBs) ...What say ye?My current squad:Carpenter, Keion ATL S 81.50 8 1 yearDemps, Will BAL S 107.00 3 2 yearGrant, Deon JAC S 97.50 7 1 yearSanders, Bob IND S (P) 115.50 8 4 yearSchweigert, Stuart OAK S 123.50 5 1 yearTaylor, Sean WAS S (P) 86.00 3 4 yearWilliams, Tank TEN S 89.50 10 3 yearI also have CC Brown on my developmental taxi squad ...

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