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Will Gronk enter the season on the PUP list? (1 Viewer)

Will Gronk enter the season on PUP list?

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I know it's impossible to tell considering how the PATs treat their medical information, but what is everyone's gut tell them on whether Gromk will be placed on the PUP to start the season or not? Most drafts will occur before the team has to designate this, so I was curious what everyone's opinion is.

They are going to give him time to hopefully fully recover, the goal is the playoffs and beyond. No preseason play, just running a bit right now... he doesn't play until mid-year or at least 4-6 games. I would guess he'll be on the PUP to start unless there is serious activity this next week in practice.

They lost Welker to Denver, Woodhead to San Diego, and Hernandez to Jail. NE DESPERATELY needs Gronk on the field as soon as he can play. If there is any chance he can play in the first 6 weeks I dont see any way they put him on the pup list.


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