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Will Robert Meachem break out this week? (1 Viewer)


Week 3's contest of Saints vs Broncos has the making of a shootout of epic proportions. Brees may throw 40 times to have the Saints stay in this one. Meachem had only one catch in his NFL debut but it was good for a TD. If he can develop rapport with Brees, he can be a big part of the offense with Colston out and a nice sleeper this week. What do you think?

i like meachem

but don't get excited about his target:TD ratio because you or i coulda caught that TD, it was busted coverage and no one lined up to cover him

Meachem will be one of those classic 3rd year WR breakouts IMHO

he has talent, has to be taught the skill

I'm still holding out hope for Meachem, but there is no way I can start a guy who only has 1 target for the year.

If he gets 5-6 catches this week, then I'll start considering him.


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