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Will Santonio Holmes reach his potential? (1 Viewer)


I have followed him since his arrival in Pittsburgh. I have him in my dynasty league. I've seen all the hype on this board about how he is talented blah, blah, blah. I really thought Santonio would be putting up the type of numbers like a true #1 WR. I read an article online from the Post-Gazette about how important he is to the Steeler offense and how they suffered without him last week. IMO his numbers should be better if he is important to the Steelers. I don't think he will be the Top 10-15 WR I was expecting. Am I missing something?

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the steeler passing game and lack of protection for big ben pretty much assure that holmes will not reach his potential this year. he'll have some good games sandwiched between stinkers, and as the weather gets colder, they'll run the ball more. he'll remain on my bench for the likes of avery or breaston until the steeler passing game shows some consistency.

If his potential is 10-15 as you mention in your post and you're talking about in the next couple of years and not this year, then my answer would be yes.

Ben is young, Hines Ward is only getting older. He's had a bit of a rough year this year but Ben's been dinged, he's had some personal issues. What you're seeing this year isn't his best.

Will Santonio Holmes reach his potential?
Great title if you shortened the last word.The demise of Ward was premature as well. Sweed has barely seen the field this year.

Will he reach that potential this year? Probably not with a suspension looming.

Still young with a decent young supporting cast. He can still be a good prospect the next few years.

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I got Holmes in my Keeper Auction league this year for $16($200 salary). I thought that was a steal but I'm not that impressed with his play so far. But he has had some factors working against him that are inhibiting him from reaching his potential(eg. Ward getting targetted more, Big Ben not getting the time to pass, etc). I am debating about keeping him, will see what the second half brings.

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He should reach his potential when it comes to the next couple of years. Always have to consider that Steelers M O is that they are a running team and want to move the ball first on the ground. I know the OC has some new looks and passes a little more but is not going to go away from the bread and butter that makes the Steelers tough to beat.

It's not so much a question of whether or not he will reach his potential. It's a question of "will the Steelers offense (and play-calling) allow it?"

Pittsburgh is not one of the first teams that come to mind when you're looking for a prolific passing offense.

For those with dynasty interest, you have to consider that the Steelers are not known for keeping many (very few) free agents when their contracts are up. I'd be willing to hold onto him and wait and see where he may go when his contract is up. That's where the reward could really pay off. In the meantime, he's not entirely under-achieving.

All I wanna know is why the heck is Nate Washington of all people becoming the Steelers big play WR? Holmes w/o the deep ball is just another guy, sadly. :goodposting:

Not sure if these numbers are accurate, but I read on the Steelers board that Washington now has 12 career TD's with PITT. Those TD's were of: 7, 10, 17, 27, 30, 30, 33, 47, 48, 49, 50, and 65 yards. Those are the types of big plays I envisioned from Holmes...and they certainly still could happen on a consistent basis...but this season has been a HUGE disappointment.


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