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Will this trade help my team (1 Viewer)


10 team 1 point ppr league  Start 1qb/2rb/2wr/1te/1 flex (rb/wr) / K / Def

B Garoppolo, Darnold 

RB Elliott, Drake, Ingram, Kerryon Johnson, Cohen, Ekeler, Richard

WR Allen, Landry, Enunwa, Cooper, D Jackson, Funchess, Hogan

TE Gronkowski

K Lutz

Def Houston

I get Tom Brady, He gets Amari Cooper and Mark Ingram.  Then I pick up either Golladay or an RB.  

I feel like he gets the better side of the deal, but that the deal helps my team enough that it's worth taking the hit.  Am I wrong?  Ingram is a hit, but Ekeler isn't a bad fill in for a ppr league when I need it.  And I might be able to turn another of my receivers into an RB somewhere else down the line.

run from this deal. a true wr1 and the most valuable rb handcuff/rb2 for a QB. Doesn't matter what QB, I would not do this deal. Unless you are dealing for mahomes, i would not trade cooper or ingram for a QB at this point. Given how deep you are at RB, I can see you moving ingram alone for a QB. 

Thanks for the response.  I'm not sure I agree with you that Cooper is a true number 1 WR.  What has he done to show that?  I know he has talent but talent isn't everything.  Look at the guy's stats.  He's had two games since the start of the 2017 season where he caught more than five balls.  One was last week and one was last year.  In that same time he's had five games where he's caught 1 or 0 balls in a game.

Week one of this year, he had 1 catch on 1 target.  I know the guy has talent but this is fantasy football and stats count for everything.  At best I have him behind Keenan Allen and Jacob Landry and until he proves he can play more than one decent game per year, I'm not sure I would start him ahead of Enuwa, Golladay, Jackson, or even Funchess in a ppr league.

That is all playing into my decision on whether or not to make the trade.  I admit above that i think he is getting the better deal all around, but I just feel like given the rest of my team, Brady will help my team more.  But that's why I asked the question here.  So I'm curious to see what others thinkg.

Avoid this trade. If anything I would be trying to deal Elliott instead of Ingram. Drop Richard for Golladay ASAP.


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