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Willie Anderson - man I love this guy (1 Viewer)


Just a quick link to Willie's interview on Bengals.com while out at the Pro Bowl. He really is the balance to Chad on the team. His comments about his situation and what's best for the team are terrific.


Some quotes,

“If the Bengals are wondering what to do,” Anderson says, “my advice to them is to go sign the young guys and then see what happens. I’ve already had a big contract. Now it’s their turn. And if they can’t do any more, I know I’m going to be fine and I’ll go off into the sunset.”
The contracts of the entire Bengals offensive line are up after the 2006 season and Anderson knows some of them have to get done before or during this year. He thinks the team should first go after 26-year-old left tackle Levi Jones and 25-year-old left guard Eric Steinbach. The duo nearly made it with Anderson this week when Jones was named a second alternate to the Pro Bowl and Steinbach a first.

After a season they provided protection for a Pro Bowl quarterback and enough room for a club rushing record, it’s clearly the best line the Bengals have had since the legendary unit of the late ‘80s.

“I don’t want it to pit guys against one another,” Anderson says. “I think it’s only natural. Guys might get hurt because (the team) called someone else first, or they offered them more money, or whatever. This is a pretty rare situation with everybody up at once. If they have questions on what they should do, I’d sign Levi and Steinbach first.”
Anderson has been one of the best (if not the best) right tackles in the league for the last 10 years. He's only missed two games during that time. I was glad to see him go to the playoffs for IIRC the first time in his career. The Bengals would be smart to hang on to this guy for as long as they can, because you know he will give his all every down.


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