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Willie Parker or Samkon Gado (1 Viewer)


I'm in a 12 person keeper league where we can keep 3 and give up the pick of the round they were drafted in.

I'm already keeping Larry Johnson (6th rd) and Plax (8th rd) and I need to chose between Parker (12th rd) and Gado (16th rd).

Which one has the greatest ffl potential for 2006?

Another trade I could offer would be either Gado or Parker for Ricky Williams (14th rd).

I think if Ricky gets traded and is the starter he becomes at worst a 3rd round pick so I'd be getting great value and I great player (esp. if he goes to a team like Denver).

Parker. Im not even sure Gado will start between the possibility of Green re-signing cheap or the Pack drafting an RB. Parker will at least be part of an RBBC, if not fill the same role he did this year.

If I'm not mistaken, there is a forum for these kinds of questions....

To answer the question, go with Parker. I still think that Pitt brings in a bruiser but Gado is Nick Goings from two years ago. Comes in and shines down the stretch and is an after thought the following season.

Parker looks to be the clear starter in Pittsburgh (at least at this point) while Gado most likely will go back to a backup role.

I doubt many people would be willing to part with Ricky Williams for Gado.

Parker had a strong year, and is coming off a standout performance on a Super Bowl winning team.

Gado not only has to get healthy and face competition, but perhaps more importantly, will have a new coaching regime with no ties to him.

IMO, it's a no-brainer in Parker's favor.

I would agree that Gado has more question marks than Parker, but I just got Gado in my dynasty league for the following reasons:

- He's the only RB under contract for GB

- He's a feel good story and public relations boon for GB

- He was able to find success where several other runners could not behind a line that was being blamed for the other runners' poor numbers.

- His injury didn't require surgery and he says he could start right now if need be.

- He's young and seems extremely motivated and with a great attitude (working with RB coach on off day even while on the practive squad last year).

- The guy from Atlanta ( Jeff Jagodzinski) is the new OC and he plans to implement a zone blocking scheme similar to Atlanta and Denver that he learned from Gibbs.

- Gado ran in the same scheme in college, also derived directly from Gibbs, and has said how comfortable he is with it and how excited he is about this development.

- Gado had his breakout game against Atlanta last year and Jagodzinski witnessed it first hand and has commented how impressed he was and how talented Gado looked.

I still think there are lots of question marks with Gado, but he seemed worth a shot based on how the above factors are coming together.

This question can not be answered correctly until you see what other RBs both Green Bay and Pittsburgh bring in. Both teams will do something with their backfields this offseason but whether it's dramatic or tweeking is still to be determined. If I had to guess right now I'd say keep Parker. I think the Packers will definetly add a quality talent to either replace or challenge Gado while I see the Steelers probably looking for more of a compliment to play alongside Parker. Yet, right now anything is possible with these two backfields which means both Gado and Parker are tough to handicap pre-free agency/draft.

By the way I'd definetly deal Gado for Rasta. It's dice well worth rolling. As much as I don't trust Ricky and wouldn't want him on the Pats if he ends up on a team like Denver he could be a legit fantasy stud again. There's no guarantees but I'd be surprised if Miami doesn't deal Ricky this offseason. Very surprised. They didn't use a #2 on Ronnie Brown to be in a RBBC. That's not how the NFL works. Where Ricky end ups is a big question but for the price of a guy no one knew prior to Green Bay imploding it's worth the risk.

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Duce-gone(was he ever really there?)

FWP proved all season he is a 18+ touch a game guy. Home run speed.



Duce-gone(was he ever really there?)

FWP proved all season he is a 18+ touch a game guy. Home run speed.
Is Duce really gone? The Steelers have a tough bruising running style to their offense that makes me wonder if FWP can handle it for 16 games. He may but if I were drafting him I'd want a good backup plan in place


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