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Wireless surround sound system recommendations? (1 Viewer)


Currently have a 7.1 Onkyo TR-XR696 that has served me well (My 2nd Onkyo system), but I would like to move to a wireless setup.

Not building a movie theater in my house so don't need top of the line or break the bank stuff, but I want at least the same audio quality as my current system. I also use this system for music (Via a thumb drive plugged into the receiver) so the new system must also allow me do use the thumb drive to play music. The new system also must be 7.1. I clearly prefer Onkyo, but by no means do I have to have the same brand.

What systems should I be looking at? I also am not oppoed to assembling a system with XYZ receiver & ABC speakers, but it all must play nice without being a big PITA and still not be stupid expensive.


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