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WIS 2013: Back to the Future III - Rules & Signup (1 Viewer)


Last year: 24 teams, 45 rounds

http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=633752'>Link to last year's rules and draft

I can't think of any recommended rules changes for this year but I'm sure somebody else will. I think 1080 players pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel and the AAA rules were OK within the limitations of WIS.

RE: Signup. I think it's fair to give priority to returning owners. Potential new owners can sign up here but they won't necessarily be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. It is a very deep draft that ran for over a month last year--partnerships among WIS noobs are encouraged.

INNeed something to soothe my soul after the disaster my other WIS team is.

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hell yea. maybe this year i can draft enough pitching and not have to trade my first round pick for shmeg

jesus moops, what a disaster of 1st 4 picksReyes, Napoli, Luebke, Jennings. What the hell was I thinking

hell yea. maybe this year i can draft enough pitching and not have to trade my first round pick best pitcher for shmeg
:goodposting: Still IN for 2013. Following the Fantrax leeg all summer might be more of a draw than the actual sim.
Yeah, the sim itself was sort of anticlimactic for me last year. My team was such a mess that .500 was my best possible outcome. I fell just short of that but I wasn't the most active manager.At least the draft was fun.

I found my notes from last year's draft... I wrote down the player I was *thinking* of taking but didn't take with each pick.Round 1, took Kemp, alternative was Bautista (6 of one, half a dozen of the other I guess)Round 6, took Yadi Molina, alternative was Peter Bourjos (whew)Round 11, took Erik Bedard, alternative was Edwin Encarnacion ( :wall: )

I will pair up with Dr. D again if he'll have me and/or take my own team if one becomes available.

IN!!!!I take this solemn vow to not draft a Red Sock the first 5 rounds this year after last year's Ellsbury, Lester debacle. :bag:

Missing: Sammy, Sparty from 2012I count 22 in so far. EephusfrancoMrPmoopsAODreigning champosocheeseDougboubTremont/Frosty hifiving fingercuffsDD/Greco dynamic duoHoosMeSocalRnRrodgTUXNVBogylawrenceAlternate: Matthias looking on from the cheap seats


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