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WIS BTTF Back To The Past - 2013 Season Replay in OOTP (1 Viewer)


Bogart's bump of the OOTP thread inspired me to import one of our old BTTF seasons into OOTP 19. If I knew how much manual data cleanup would be involved, I probably wouldn't have started but in for a penny, in for a pound.

I used the 2013 season because it was the first Google Sheet that came up and a decade ago made for a nice round number. I only used 25 man rosters because the VLOOKUP of the OOTP database failed if the player didn't appear in the majors during 2013 and the later rounds had more misses than hits and I was starting to hit a wall. It took a few attempts to work out some of the bugs in the league setup but things seem to be working OK. I changed fatigue and injury settings because of the roster limitations.

Sim is running in Commissioner mode so all the lineups, rotations and strategies are controlled by the AI but I can watch an individual game played out.

Cool project 👍

I remember being pretty mediocre at BTTF and I’m 22-22 so far so that tracks.

I barely remember Kris Medlen existing, but I was apparently excited enough about him to take him at 3.1 as my ace. And it was actually a decent pick, 197 IP of a 3.11 ERA. Usable innings were gold.

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