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Wisconsin Journalist jinxes the packers (1 Viewer)

Best part about this is I have to play against Rodgers next week in 4 FFPC leagues. Hopefully he is out against that Eagles pass D (yikes).

As my fantasy QB jogged to the locker room last night, I flashed back to preseason when I read this article from a CBS Chicago sports writer. Ironic that the injury happens against the Bears.

"But Rodgers is also defying injury odds. Quarterbacks who get sacked that much are supposed to be more than just sore. In Chicago we’re all too familiar with wanting to know exactly what the Bears have in a second-string quarterback...because we’ve seen two seasons go from promising to toiletry with a Jay Cutler injury, one an NFC championship game loss to the Packers and another a derailed 7-3 start to a season.

The NFL’s cruel version of the law of averages is more likely than ever to find its way to Aaron Rodgers, particularly with some serious offensive line questions. Vince Young quarterbacking that team would invoke shades of Chicago’s recent past, and we here very much know what scary dice the Packers may be rolling in 2013."


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