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With Bush out....will stecker get alot of work? (1 Viewer)


Bush is out and i'm wondering how much work stecker will get.

Our league gives 1ppr so if he plays alot he could be a nice replacement.

If not, i need to decide whether to go with F.Taylor, or MJD.

Duece is going to get majority of snaps... I expect 15-20 touches.

Steck should see some pass thrown to him... maybe about 5 Recs. So Steck could be a decent fill in... but don't expect a big pay day

I'm not so sure I agree. I won a title last year with Stecker filling in for me when Bush went down. The way I saw it, they were using P. Thomas to fill in the D. McAllister role, and Stecker to fill in for Bush. Thomas is returning kicks, so they may not want to pull him from those duties. I could see Stecker stepping right back into the same role he did last year. He catches the ball well, he runs hard and quick (in fact, he's a better runner than Bush, just not as explosive or elusive in the open field).

I'm a little concerned that Thomas' emergence could turn this into a three-headed monster though, so I would like to see a week's worth of action. My gut say Stecker's the guy who get's 15 touches and 8-10 balls thrown his way. He's 32 but does not have a lot of miles on those tires. I will probably role the dice on him and start him as a flex.


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