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With Hasselbeck Questionable (1 Viewer)


Looks like Hasselbeck will be unlikely to play with Frye getting the possible start. What's you thoughts on the Packers Defense? Even with the injuries to the Packer Def I'd think this might be a sneaky wk 6 Def. play. They've hit the WW in a number of leagues with owners probably worried about the injuries.

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I just cut GB-D due to all the injuries, if I'd heard about Hasselbeck sooner, I would've given them 1 more week.

GB-D is #4 in my league, but that looks to change after this week. Sure, they scored a few TDs early on, but they are letting up tons of yards & points with fewer turnovers. They are no longer a top-12 D. For this week, they do look like top-10 though.


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