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With the Roy Williams trade.....dont the cowboys need D secondary help (1 Viewer)


Offense is not the Cowboy's problem. Why not trade those picks and gets some D? or maybe another QB?

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they just took a cb in the 1st and their 4th round pick scandrick looks like a keeper.

there's really nothing they can do to shore up the cb position now or in the future. since newman has a huge deal.

Yeah, I'm not sure this trade makes the most sense for the 'boys.
Show me the quality CB that was on the market and I'd show you a picture with him wearing the star. That guy wasn't available but Roy-boy was...can't slow down your opponent, then outscore him...they did what they could to win now while shoring up their future...Roy is 27 and has a handshake deal on the table for an extension...now the Boys don't have to compete in the open market for a player they needed anyway...TO isn't getting any younger.Besides, we're young a CB, not thin...at least not any thinner now than any other squad in the league. Scandrick is already panning out and Jenkins is a 1st rounder that should pan out.

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