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Wk 1 Flex - Choice of 5 - WDIS? (1 Viewer)


Week 1, I need a flex - originally selected Lynch, but his lack of practice participation, coupled with facing the Rams Defense and the Rams possibility of putting up a decent scoring show, have me shying away a bit.

So, here are my choices

  1. Marshawn Lynch, RB (see above)
  2. Issiah Crowell, WR - not too inspiring on a not too good team
  3. Josh Gorden, WR - on a pitch count? Heavy rains and a rookie QB.
  4. James Washington, WR - Heavy rains and he's a rookie WR3 - but no TE to steal targets
  5. Seferian-Jenkins, TE - Taken off injury list - viable red zone candidate
Scoring system produced below.

What do you think, and why?

  • Number of Passing TDs0-99....4 points each
  • Passing Yards-50-999...0.4 point for every 1
  • Pass Interceptions Thrown 0-10....-2 points each
  • Passing 2 Pointers 0-10.....2 points each
  • Number of Rushing TDs 0-10....6 points each
  • Rushing Yards-50-999....0.1 point for every 1
  • Rushing 2 Pointers 0-10....2 points each
  • Number of Receiving TDs 0-10....6 points each
  • Receiving Yards-50-999.....0.1 point for every 1
  • Receptions 0-99....1 point each
  • Receiving 2 Pointers 0-10..,..2 points each
  • Number of Field Goals Made 0-10.,,,,,3 points each
  • Length of Field Goal Made 41-99.1 points for 41, and then 0.1 point for every 1 thereafter
  • Extra Points 0-10.....1 point each
  • Fumbles Lost (to Opponent )0-10.....-2 points each
  • Number of Offensive Fumble Recovery TDs 0-10.....6 points each



I'd still stick with Lynch, none of those other options are better. If Lynch looks more banged up than it seems, you can still pivot to Crowell Monday Night.



travdogg - I did notice that option on Monday Night - definitely a helpful option for me.


Hoping to hear some other views as well


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