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Wk16 Game Thread - Carolina Panthers at New York Giants (1 Viewer)


Panthers: QB Matt Moore (3rd), WR D.J. Hackett, CB C.J. Wilson, LB Adam Seward, G Mackenzy Bernadeau, DE Hilee Taylor, WR Kenneth Moore, DT Maake Kemoeatu.

Giants: K Lawrence Tynes, CB Sam Madison, LB Gerris Wilkinson, T Adam Koets, DT Leger Douzable, WR Derek Hagan, WR Sinorice Moss, DE Jerome McDougle.

Jacobs, Ward and Hixon are active.

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On Football Night in America, Patrick just referred to Visanthe Shiancoe's TD catch as "the big Shank on display".

You basically have two people you need to look out for on the Panthers offense. Steve Smith, and which ever running back is in. Somehow, Steve Smith can be wide open 30 yards downfield, and Williams can run untouched right up the middle.

Still need a big game from Deangelo but not sure how much theyre going to control the ball with Brandon Jacobs eating up so much clock for the Giants. D-Will needs to make the most out of this opportunities.

I hate to see injuries...but now De-Will might carry the majority of the load if Stew is banged up....which is good for me.

DeAngelo winner just sewed up the championship in my 12 teamer. Guy barely made it in the playoffs, then rode Steve Smith and Williams the last 3 weeks.

Drafted DeAngelo as a rookie in my money TD only keeper league and have hung onto him. He rode the pine for me behind Barber and Westy for the better part of three seasons....but he has firmly now cemented himself as one of my starters for the foreseeable future. It pays off sometimes to hang onto a player.....

sometimes they just outsmart themselvesclassic madden
I guess on that 3rd and short run the plan was to have FB Madison Hedgecock hit the hole hard, take on whoever was there, win that battle and drive forward for the first down. Unfortunately he was stopped cold and pushed back.
crap, now DeAngelo will get the TD, admit I don't think he was in

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Panthers really look dynamic tonight. Can't stop Smith. Can't stop their running game. Not sure anyone in the NFC has an answer for it at this point.

Brandon Jacobs owners should be happy they got that rushing TD early. Giants will be forced to pass to win now.

These tds remind me of Shaun Alexander in Seattle...gift wrapped.

Although Williams is scoring more from the 5 yard area then Shaun ever did.

this is frustrating for smith owners. Have to hope Giants keep this close, so the Panthers will still throw the ball. :shrug:

This is killing me. I was up 42 and still have Forte vs. Olsen to go. All I had to do was keep DWill in the ballpark. Jebus, world champions, get your **** together.

Carolina is going to the Super Bowl. The rest of the NFC might as well go home now.
Perhaps the Falcons, with their emerging triplets of Turner / Ryan / White could do enough damage to the Panthers D to just outscore them for the conference crown. The Falcons and Panthers split the season series.

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