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Woman OKs removing life support for a stranger (1 Viewer)

TY to the stranger for letting someone die peacefully.  Nothing worse than watching a family in denial keep someone in a vegetive state alive.  Super selfish.

I wasn't paying attention at Subway, jumped the gun and started ordering the fixin's I wanted added to my sandwich.  I hadn't noticed that the sandwich belonged to the woman in front of me in line.  I'd like to think I would be more apt to pay attention if I was debating pulling the plug or not, but I'm not sure.  I might just walk in and start pointing to outlets to yank first without even verifying that the sandwich is mine.

St. Barnabas Hospital spokesman Steven Clark told the Post that the lawsuit was without merit.
A month of pain and suffering due to the hospital mistake sounds like an easy errors & omissions case to me. 


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