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Would you do any of these Josh Gordon deals? (1 Viewer)


12 team PPR, we have 2 flexes  a RB/WR and a WR/TE  
We can start up to 5 WR with flexes or 3 RBs and 4 WRs.

I have an owner that is bugging me for Gordon, I tried to get Mike Evans in return but he won't go for it, but he keeps sending me offers.

My team

Big Ben, Mahomes
Elliott, M Gordon, R Freeman, J Williams, J Richard
AJ Green, Fitzgerald, Golladay, J Gordon, Ginn
Njoku, McDonald

I give up J Gordon and Richard and I get Ingram and Ertz
I give up J Gordon and Richard and I get L Miller and Ertz
I give up J Gordon and Ginn and I get Ertz and Corey Davis

are they all good?  Which would strengthen my team most.

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I think I would do Davis and Ertz.  Ertz is a big upgrade at TE and Corey Davis could score just as many points if not more than Gordon.

Plus, the Browns cut him for a reason.  New England will give him every opportunity to succeed, but who's to say he lasts the whole year.  



I'd do the first trade. I don't love your rbs but who knows if Gordon is going to be a consistent valuable fantasy player. He could be a stud, but he obviously has off the field issues and has to learn a new playbook.

Ingram will be a solid rb2/rb3 when he comes back and Ertz is an easy TE1 every week, especially with Wentz back now. I'd say take the second one but I think you can get better rb production elsewhere.

Thoughts on mine?




I'd also favor Ingram as he would give you trading power should you wish to trade for a WR down the road.



I would go Ertz and Miller. Gives you a huge upgrade at TE with the added bonus of some additional RB depth.

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