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Would you drop Zack Ertz for Jack Doyle? 1.5 PPR? Have Higbee and J. Cook! Like having 3 TE's (1 Viewer)


Would you drop Zack Ertz for Jack Doyle. PPR 1.5 per. Tight ends are Premium in my league.  Just trying to upside my TE’s. I have also Tyler Higbee and Jared Cook on this team in this league. You usually have 3 tight ends because of the scoring. I'm thinking long term for the season and don't need him right away.



Can the answer be neither?  I'm assuming since it's TE Premium then pretty much an TE with a pulse is rostered, so waiver wire pickings are probably slim.  Just don't see either of these guys ever being useful to you.  I guess gun to my head I take Ertz


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