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Would you offer this trade? (1 Viewer)


10 team 1 point ppr league.  Can keep anyone drafted tenth round or later forever with no penalty.

Team 1:  QB Brady, Garoppolo, Darnold   RB Elliott, Drake, K Johnson, Ekeler, Richard   WR  Allen, Landry, Golladay, Funchess, Enunwa, Jackson, Hogan   TE Gronk, K Lutz, D Houston

Team 2:  QB Newton, Ryan, Fitz  RB  D Johnson, Cook, Coleman, Bernard, Yeldon, Wilkins   WR  Green, Diggs, Boyd  TE  Burton, Watson, Walker   K  Gostkowski, Bryant   D Jags, Broncos

I am proposing to offer Drake and Landry  (Both keeper eligible) for David Johnson (also keeper eligible)

Is it worth it while DJ is at his lowest?  Or am I taking too much away from my team on the hopes that DJ turns it around?

DJ may not turn it around this season, but he is a top talent. I wouldn't jump to landry and drake. The cardinals look awful, and I don't see that changing against an improved Bears defense. See if you can get away with Ekeler + Funchess + Jackson for DJ + Walker (keeper?). 

With Allen, landry, golladay, enunwa, and hogan I don't see funchess or jackson making your wr lineup outside of bye weeks and good matchups. 

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