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Would you trade R.Wilson, Carson. D.Singletary + R.Tonyan for S.Barkley + G.Kittle? (1 Viewer)


It's a 1/2 pt per league with a strong emphasis on td's

My roster currently looks like this

QB/ D.Prescott, S.Donald, R.Wilson

RB/ A.Gibson, C.Carson, Z.Moss, AJ Dillon, D.Singletary, J.Williams, A.Mattison

WR/ D.Adams, C.Kupp, Antonio Brown, Dionte Johnson

TE/ R.Tonyan

Thanks in advance!

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Assume it's a redraft and it's an easy accept.  You don't need Wilson at all and Carson going on the DL means he is probably out similar to Barkley.  

ETA:  I doubt the other guy goes for it

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