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WR Bench Strength and Elijah Moore (1 Viewer)


Looking to bolster the WR on my bench.

Starting WR: AJ Brown and Courtland Sutton

Bench WR : Allen Robinson, Drake London, Elijah Moore

Top Available WR: Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, Curtis Samuel, Zay Jones, Isaiah McKenzie

I'm a fan or Elijah Moore's talent but don't have a lot of faith in the Jets QB play.
Is it worth dropping him for any of the available WR mentioned here?


Agreed - I'd stay with Moore. I don't blame you for thinking about those others as there's an argument for all of them, but seems too early to give up on Moore after Week 1. I have a thread about D Carr vs K Murray - who to start this week - if you have thoughts. Thanks.

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