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WR David Bell, CLE (1 Viewer)


David Bell: Production on the rise

Bell caught four of six targets for 23 yards in Sunday's 23-17 overtime win over the Buccaneers.

Bell remains the No. 3 wideout, but the rookie out of Purdue has developed into a reliable receiver and his usage has increased as a result -- just in time for Deshaun Watson to take over as the starting quarterback. Bell's brought in 20 of 27 targets on the year, with 16 of those looks coming in the last three weeks.

Hot Sauce Guy

Seems to be getting more targets lately although underwhelming production. Anyone have any insight now that Watson is entering the mix?
I still see him as a solid possession receiver. Not an insult - useful PPR guy. I could see a lot of 8 target, 5 reception, 60 yard games, with the occasional TD.

No idea what to expect from Watson. Could be rusty - been 2 years since he’s played meaningful football.

Bracie Smathers

Seems to be getting more targets lately although underwhelming production. Anyone have any insight now that Watson is entering the mix?
No one knows but Schwartz is coming off his best game this year. Watson's TEs have historically received a high number of TD receptions and he's never had a TE of the caliber of Njoku so I think 'the Chief' benefits.
Schwartz might be a sneaky acquisition since he 'probably' is available in most every league.
How Browns Offense Expands, Becomes More Dangerous with Deshaun Watson

Expanded use of motion and Anthony Schwartz​

The 264 career yards and two touchdowns don't warrant a ton of confidence in what Schwartz can offer, but one of the reasons the Browns have been steadfast in their support and utilizing him when they can is because of Watson.

Watson enjoyed all kinds of success with Will Fuller in Houston. Schwartz has the same world class speed and even when he's not getting the ball, he forces the defense to be honest and creates space for everyone else.

Certainly, the Browns want Schwartz to be a viable deep option and Brissett's deep passing was underwhelming to be kind. Watson excels as a deep passer and that makes Schwartz more dangerous since teams are likely going to be utilizing more two-high looks, it creates space underneath both for the running game as well as underneath passing routes...
Go to the link for the full read but it 'looks like' Schwartz 'could' click with Watson and I'm sure Njoku is going to see a bump in TD production. Not sure about Bell.



David Bell (thumb) was limited in Wednesday's practice.​

Bell left last week's game against the Texans with a hand injury and didn't return to the game. Far from a fantasy-relevant player thus far, Bell could creep into relevance these final few weeks with Deshaun Watson now under center, but there's no reason to target him at this point.
Dec 7, 2022, 4:17 PM ET

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