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WR debate: Santonio Holmes vs. Mark Clayton (1 Viewer)


Mark Clayton (Oklahoma)

Height: 5-11

Weight: 195 lbs

40 speed: 4.43 (official combine time)

Drafted: #22 overall last year by Ravens

Santonio Holmes (Ohio St.)

Height: 5-11

Weight: 190 lbs

40 speed: 4.45 (unofficial)

Drafted: expected in the #15-#25 overall range


Very similar prospects when looking at the hard numbers listed above....but, which one is the better overall talent?

From what I've seen from both of their games...

Santonio Holmes: more of a finesse, straight ahead, deep threat type of receiver.

Mark Clayton: more of a hard nosed, over the middle, make something happen after the catch type of receiver.

Both have good hands and precise route running skills.

I think Holmes is a little more physical, and Clayton is the better route runner/open field runner, but they are similar. I like Clayton better because he came into the league as basically a finished product.

To compare them to players they will never be, but have similar styles:

Mark Clayton = Andre Reed

Santonio Holmes = James Lofton


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