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WR Dwight Jones, New York Jets (1 Viewer)


WR Jones returns to football after tragedy

By Rich Cimini | ESPNNewYork.com

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- After his workout Tuesday for the New York Jets, wide receiver Dwight Jones walked into a bathroom at the team's facility, dropped to his knees and thanked God for another chance to fulfill his NFL dream.

Jones impressed the brass enough to win a spot on the practice squad, the first step in his second NFL journey. In 2012, he signed with the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent, but he walked away to care for his dying son, Deizean, who was born with lung, heart and brain disorders.

People thought he quit because he didn't like football. That, he said, wasn't the case at all.

"I wasn't mentally prepared to play football," Jones said Wednesday after his first practice.

Deizean died last June, three months before his second birthday. Jones remained out of football, but football kept calling him back. At first he was reluctant, but there was considerable interest, so he figured it was his destiny to play professionall football. He went to the CFL to play for the Montreal Alouettes, but that didn't work out.

Jones enjoyed a productive college career at North Carolina, catching 85 passes for 1,196 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior. At 6-foot-3, 230 pounds, he's built almost like a tight end. After signing with the Texans, he proclaimed himself "the next Andre Johnson." Then came an 18-month hiatus from the game.

He said his sister recently had a dream about New York, so Jones figures he's meant to be a Jet.

"My son died and I feel like a part of me is gone, but it makes me stronger," he said. "It makes me want to do it for him."

Houston turmOiler

Had no idea....thought he just had no passion to try to play and was a loser. Feel bad for thinking that. Wish him the best and hopes he makes it...



Footballguy Jr.
If the above is true, I wish this dude the best!! Hope he makes it... The Jets aren't exactly a breeding ground for WR's, so I'm routing for him to get signed elsewhere!



Wow, I liked this guy coming out before he seemingly just quit football...I wish him the best!

I also wish he was in the MFL database to pick up in deep leagues...



On the plus side he could be starting in no time. On the negative side, Geno Smith is the QB.


Cleat Spike

On the plus side he could be starting in no time. On the negative side, Geno Smith is the QB.
Just grabbed him for next season, WTH. You have to think the Jets get retooled here pretty soon. New Coach, OC, QB, WRs? They can't go in to 2014 with that same cast. It's a flier and you can't expect much out of Jones being a UDFA and not showing up to play (for whatever reason), but he's back in the league and that's all that matters. Looks a little slow, but who knows maybe he pans out next season after he's fully conditioned and in the program. Worth a deep stash right now I'd say. He's in the MFL DB as a FA right now. I'll hold for a bit I guess, but he seems like a guy that will be very hard to stay on my team as even as stash as better options become available during the offseason on the wire.



Anyone able to rank Dwight Jones when coming out of college? (Compared to the other WR's that came out of his class. Does he have any strengths compared to the other rookies? I know he is great size for a WR. Came from a decent college. 6'3" 230. Coming off of time where his son died, he was not ready to play in the NFL mentally. Which means he is coming into the NFL hungry as ever to make it/ be something he wanted his son to see. You know how these types of events make WRs unique and hungry to come back out and play.

They call it his second chance, I would say this is just his new beginning, thats all.

I know he was top 5 in the class, but those of you who have watched him, where would he stand in the ranking of that years WR class.

Just looking for some input, thankfully he was still available in my 20 team dynasty. These are the types of guys you look to pick up EVERY YEAR, LAST WEEK of the season... Hoping in the offseason the guy(s) progress, or better yet BLOW UP and do GREAT. (Trent Richardson in 2014 *cough cough)



Is there a possibility that Jones plays this week (or week 17), or is he likely to remain on the practice squad?



I'm not a fan of his talent at the NFL level, but I'm absolutely rooting for him to succeed.


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