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WR Erik Ezukanma, MIA (1 Viewer)


"Eazy-E" has made the biggest impact of any new player not named Tyreek or Terron. He's 6'2", 209 pounds with 4.53 40 speed. He's better than his college stats indicate, as the QB situation was subpar at Texas Tech. He uses his size and physicality to get open and get contested balls. His ball tracking skills are very good. He's hard to bring down. He did many jet sweeps at TT, broke many tackles. For dynasty, he's someone to follow. Forget the depth chart - he's already passed Preston and Bowden and might be on par with Cedric Wilson. I'm excited to see how he does this preseason starting Saturday vs the Bucs.

Some college highlights:

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My 1st post in this new forum...gonna take a little getting used to.
I also have seen that Eazy-E is tearing up camp and in fact Miami is trying actively to trade the Unicorn and that other guy the Miami fans here always like to inject in any Miami Dolphins post.

Youtube inserts now? Fancy
He was a guy I targeted at the very end of my rookie drafts. I liked the measurables and other things that scouts had to say about him. I'm now wishing I grabbed him in more leagues since it sounds like he's making a name for himself.

Excellent preseason game versus the Raiders. He's also been great in practices. He played in the 3rd quarter with Bridgewater at QB, and the 4th with Skylar Thompson. His skills remind me of Davonte Adams. Size and strength at 6'2" 209, enough speed at 4.53, good routevrunning, gets separation, good hands. By next year, he should be WR#3 behind Hill and Waddle.

Erik Ezukanma with an incredible catch from Skylar Thompson

From Ryan Smith of pff:

>>#Dolphins rookie WR Erik Ezukanma was the star of the team last night:

- 31 snaps
- 93.8 overall grade (elite)
- 8 targets, 6 receptions, 114 yards
- 4 first downs

*Here is your weekly “this team is DEEP at WR” reminder🔥🔥🔥

Photo cred: (@MiamiDolphins)
#FinsUp https://t.co/22YHmYbimL<<
One of my favorite "free" players from waivers in deep roster leagues. He flashed last preseason, is in a good offense, and is talented. You could do a lot worse.
One of my favorite "free" players from waivers in deep roster leagues. He flashed last preseason, is in a good offense, and is talented. You could do a lot worse.
Me too
Omar has stated a few times that he can't stand out on a consistent basis and that's his biggest problem. He can flash on Friday then go several practices with doing nothing noteworthy. Coach said something similar and Erik was doing better.
It's not effort. It's maturity of the finest finer points that doing this n that makes a big play.
Achane being drafted, IMHO that will be Miami's #3 WR or could be 3rd on the team in catches.
I think Ezukanma is an exciting prospect, he won't get a lot of playing time when the season starts, he couldn't get on the field last year but some of that was a complicated playbook that was repeated by Tyreek Hill who claims he played on pure instinct and is just getting the playbook down for 2023...think about that. I also thought Waddle looked lost at times in the offense so again the playbook was difficult to learn for a lot of the players involved, especially the WRs.

Miami is actively looking to trade Cedric Wilson, when that happens it will open up more playing time for Ezukanma but also realize there are a couple other guys likely to see touches and try to bust big plays. Berrios and Cracraft will see the field and Cracraft was pretty good in '22. Also Robbie Anderson who goes by a different last name, Chosen, he's on the roster as well much to my dismay.
Lot of mouths to feed in this offense, just be careful on '23 expectations, I really don't see huge numbers for him yet.

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