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12 Team Standard (no PPR)

QB- Newton & A Smith

RB- Zeke, Howard, L Miller, JWIlliams, Eckeler

WR- Hilton, Cooper, Anderson, Kupp, Enunwa

TE- Kittle, Gates

Allison is still available on waivers.  Better long term play: Do I pick him up as Rodger's #3 and drop either Enunwa or Anderson or sit tight with my roster.  I just don't know how the Jets pan out.  If it's PPR Enunwa is easy choice but since its standarddo Allison/Allison offer better upside with TD potential?  Thanks for the help!

I'd stay put as well. Allison likely won't be as big of a factor as he was in week 1. I doubt Green Bay is down 3 scores in most games, and Graham will likely do more than he did going forward.


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