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WR options for ROS (1 Viewer)

sho nuff

Having went from depth to bitten by injury, ineptitude, and QB injury (at one point having Higgins, Chark, Fulgham being a nice rotation)...Im left with less depth behind Cooks (thankfully he has come on) and Ridley (dinged up).  I now have Deebo back in the fold...but looking at my 4th WR spot.

I had actually dropped Higgins...and he remains available.  I have Chark...but inconsistent QB play there has me looking elsewhere:

My options

Keep Chark

Pick up one of the following:

Landry (was it just a one game wonder?)

Higgins (even with QB change he was a focal point...too many mouths there to be consistent without Burrow?)

C. Samuel (consistent...can possibly wait til next week as he is on a bye this week).

Lazard (homer pick a bit...but FBG ROS rankings seems to like him as well...seems more of a 8-11 point guy most weeks with upside if Davante gets dinged again)

This is a non-ppr league.


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