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WR Rashee Rice, KC (1 Viewer)

Da Franchise

I don't think he is very good. He's being drafted too high simply because the Chiefs drafted him. How's Skyy Moore working out so far? And I actually think Moore is better than Rice.

Here’s my Mahomes era Chiefs rookie report card:

Mecole: zero interest
CEH: liked him at around 1.7/1.8 prior to the draft and bumped him up to 1.2 post draft
Skyy: zero interest

Obviously missed on CEH but I liked him long before he came a Chief. Didn’t move off my evaluation of Skyy or Mecole despite landing in KC. CEH was mostly just a miss and not a Chiefs induced miss.

Saying all that because I like Rice. He should get the JuJu role at least but there’s a lot of upside for him if he gains Mahomes trust and keeps getting better. Not a slam dunk prospect but his skill set actually fits KC really well and I think he’s a better prospect then QJ. So whatever you think of QJ if you’re at market value on him, imagine it for Rice but at less cost and playing with Mahomes.

Seems like a value right now to me.



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