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WR's to pick up before week 2 - I'll help you out (1 Viewer)

I'm in a standard scoring, non ppr league with 12 teams.

My team:

Russel Wilson, Matt Schaub

Jamaal Charles, Trent Richardson, Lamar Miller, Gio Bernard, Le'Veon Bell

Vincent Jax, Roddy White, Vincent Brown, Julian Edelman

Greg Olsen, Jordan Cameron

Panthers D this week

Steve Hauschka

Empty bench spot

The empty bench spot will likely be used to pick up Brian hartline for a flex this week.

I will be benching roddy white for Edelman this week, as he is hurt. But I need a solid flex player. I'd like to trade Edelman after this week as I think I'll be able to sell him high. Which bigger name Wr's should I target? I'm willing to dish roddy, Edelman, v. Brown and maybe gio Bernard. Who is the best pick for a WR1 or 2 that will be very consistent? As well as who is a solid flex player I should target that I could buy low for?

Who cares about the wrong forum.

We want to know your full roster BEFORE even getting to the point.... why?

While I feel it's a bit get off my lawn, the lawn is getting a bunch of vagrants loitering about.

Really dude, it was already dead for 20 hours. This is your fault.
While I agree with your point about unnecessarily bumping threads, the problem as I see it is its still active. Should have been locked/moved/deleted long ago with some warning or statement from a mod. Seems like this stuff is only locked when someone reports it and even then there's no comment from the mod.

To me its becoming obvious this is how the SP is going. Basically a free-for-all with new influx of posters doing what they're used to from other boards. Joe/David haven't done anything to slow it down. The mods that are present haven't said a word about it even though they must see the same things we are. Its the new Shark Pool.


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