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WSIS and ROS outlook (1 Viewer)


Full point PPR and I can't decide if I should start Ridley over Arob this week. I almost did it last week, but couldnt make myself and of course Ridley blew up. Who is the start this week?

I may look at dealing a WR or two for some RB depth. If you were going to hold on to one of these two guys ROS who would it be? 

I really like Arob and he is getting the targets, but Trubisky just doesn't look great to me. Too early to tell with Ridley, but he certainly could be big out there with Julio.



Robinson>Ridley, both this week, and the rest of the year. He sees tons of targets as the undisputed #1 weapon. Ridley almost certainly just had the best game he's gonna have this season, and could easily be 3rd or 4th in targets any given week.



Yea. I agree with you guys as well. Frustrated with the Arob Trubisky connection, but I know it is still the right play.



Assuming this is redraft I would agree that A-Rob is better than Ridley for this year.  If it's a dynasty then it is a lot closer. 


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