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WSIS - PPR FLEX - WHiR (1 Viewer)

Krilons Resa

PPR Flex help, WSIS?

Jack Doyle v. JAX

Jordan Howard v. MIN

John Brown v. CIN

Keke Coutee @ WASH (coming off injury, he's prob not an option but figured I'd post him too)

Thanks in advance...WHIR

None are terribly attractive unfortunately.

For John Brown it depends on QB - if Lamar Jackson I would expect very few catches, but possible one is a long TD.  So very low floor but possible high ceiling.

Jordan Howard not likely to get ton of carries against Vikings based on past usage - even in blowouts he hasn't received the work.  But could get goal line.  So probably slightly higher floor than Brown but slightly lower ceiling.

Jack Doyle also has a tough matchup, but could see targets.  Probably the highest floor.

Keke Coutee has similar tough matchup to Doyle.

I guess for ceiling I'd say John Brown and for floor I'd say Doyle.


I'd go Doyle in PPR. Howard has an awful matchup, and Brown may or may not be involved in the passing game, we really have no idea what to expect from Jackson as a passer, assuming he's even starting.


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