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WSL 2 - Let's Roll (1 Viewer)



1.01 Radballs - Adrian Peterson, RB1, Minnesota

1.02 Thom Yorke - DeAngelo Williams, RB2, Carolina

1.03 Renesauz - Michael Turner, RB3, Atlanta

1.04 Jeter23 - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB4, Jacksonville

1.05 Shadowfax - Steven Jackson, RB5, St. Louis

1.06 Dpeease - Brian Westbrook, RB6, Philadelphia

1.07 Jeff Pasquino - Chris Johnson, RB7, Tennessee

1.08 Reaper - LaDainian Tomlinson, RB8, San Diego

1.09 BusMan - Matt Forte, RB9, Chicago

1.10 Aaron Rudnicki - Clinton Portis, RB10, Washington

1.11 Old Milwaukee - Marshawn Lynch, RB11, Buffalo

1.12 Blue-Kun - Frank Gore, RB12, San Francisco

1.13 JohnDoe - Steve Slaton, RB13, Houston

1.14 Atomic Punk - Larry Fitzgerald, WR1, Arizona

1.15 Valence - Andre Johnson, WR2, Houston

1.16 BostonFred - Marion Barber, RB14, Dallas

2.01 BostonFred - Antonio Gates, TE1, San Diego

2.02 Valence - Brandon Jacobs, RB15, New York Giants

2.03 Atomic Punk - Thomas Jones, RB16, New York Jets

2.04 JohnDoe - Reggie Wayne, WR3, Indianapolis

2.05 Blue-Kun - TIMED OUT 4 Hour Clock Roddy White, WR4, Atlanta

2.06 Old Milwaukee - Ronnie Brown, RB17, Miami

2.07 Aaron Rudnicki - Jason Witten, TE2, Dallas

2.08 BusMan - Calvin Johnson, WR5, Detroit

2.09 Reaper - Brandon Marshall, WR6, Denver

2.10 Jeff Pasquino - Steve Smith, WR7, Carolina

2.11 Dpeease - Anquan Boldin, WR8, Arizona

2.12 Shadowfax - Tony Gonzalez, TE3, Kansas City

2.13 Jeter23 - Randy Moss, WR9, New England

2.14 Renesauz - Greg Jennings, WR10, Green Bay

2.15 Thom Yorke - Drew Brees, QB1, New Orleans

2.16 Radballs - Reggie Bush, RB18, New Orleans

3.01 Radballs - Terrell Owens, WR11, Dallas

3.02 Thom Yorke - Marques Colston, WR12, New Orleans

3.03 Renesauz - Dwayne Bowe, WR13, Kansas City

3.04 Jeter23 - Wes Welker, WR14, New England

3.05 Shadowfax - Joseph Addai, RB19, Indianapolis

3.06 Dpeease - Larry Johnson, RB20, Kansas City

3.07 Jeff Pasquino - Peyton Manning, QB2, Indianapolis

3.08 Reaper - Chad Johnson, WR15, Cincinnati

3.09 BusMan - Dallas Clark, TE4, Indianapolis

3.10 Aaron Rudnicki - TJ Houshmanzadeh, WR16, Cincinnati

3.11 Old Milwaukee - Braylon Edwards, WR17, Cleveland

3.12 Blue-Kun - Chris Cooley, TE5, Washington

3.13 JohnDoe - Kevin Smith, RB21, Detroit

3.14 Atomic Punk - Philip Rivers, QB3, San Diego

3.15 Valence - Pierre Thomas, RB22, New Orleans

3.16 BostonFred - Eddie Royal, WR18, Denver

4.01 BostonFred - Lee Evans, WR19, Buffalo

4.02 Valence - Tom Brady, QB4, New England

4.03 Atomic Punk - Darren McFadden, RB23, Oakland

4.04 JohnDoe - Vincent Jackson, WR20, San Diego

4.05 Blue-Kun - Bernard Berrian, WR21, Minnesota

4.06 Old Milwaukee - Santana Moss, WR22, Washington

4.07 Aaron Rudnicki - Ryan Grant, RB24, Green Bay

4.08 BusMan - Antonio Bryant, WR23, Tampa Bay

4.09 Reaper - Tony Romo, QB5, Dallas

4.10 Jeff Pasquino - Willie Parker, RB25, Pittsburgh

4.11 Dpeease

4.12 Shadowfax

4.13 Jeter23

4.14 Renesauz

4.15 Thom Yorke

4.16 Radballs

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I hate drafting this early in a draft this early.

Michael Turner

Heat the debate up a little further.....

Had him the past couple of years. There's an old saying in Tennessee -- Fool me once, shame on you....fool me, you can't get fooled again. :goodposting:

1.05 RB Stephen Jackson

01.09 - RB Matt Forte, Chicago Bears

PMing Rudnicki.
based on the other two drafts SOD!!!!??????I kind of like the bottom this year. Lots of ???. Being at the top is not the advantage it was in years past ( or thought to be)

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A lot of "stealing" of players early. When I saw Salton slipping after the ten spot I thought there might be hope.

Oh well, this guys is no slouch ...

1.14 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI

PMing next

I honestly don't even know what direction to go here...

I'll take 1.15 Andre Johnson WR HOU

pm'd fred

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BassNBrew said:
bostonfred said:
1.16 Marion Barber

2.1 Antonio Gates
Surprising pick based on some of our conversations in the past. I would be very interested in some commentary on this pick.
In the WSLs I'm always willing to give up first round value to make sure my guy has a job and a relatively stable situation. Best WRs here all have flaws. Best QB here is not good value IMO. Best RB here is more of a crapshoot than I'm willing to take. Best TEs here have flaws or are on the same team as my first round pick. I would have been happy with just about any pick but 1.16.
Roll on, but I reserve the right to make a replacement pick at any time if I feel the intregrity of the league is being compromised. I've got a list of players in my head and when only one is left I'll pull the trigger.

Also, Duke1948 isn't in this year so please update the first post so the wrong person isn't pm'd.

Sorry guys, no excuse, next time if I think there's a chance I'll be gone for a long period of time I'll ship picks.

2.05 - Roddy White, WR, ATL


Little surprised he's still here in a WSL where certainty is king, so I'll snap him up.

That said, I *REALLY* wanted Jennings. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Didn't mean to go all homer in this draft, but that's just the way it worked out. Once Colston got healthy, it was back to business as usual for him (though he did drop a few balls that he'd generally caught the last couple of years). Brees to Colston should be a good, stable source of points for me.


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