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WW defense is the way to go! (1 Viewer)


Of course it helps if you play in a league where everybody basically sticks to one defense or nobody else is following this strategy. This year I drafted SD defense as the 1st defense off the board. What a huge mistake. They were horrible all year. Finally I dropped them in week 9 and decided to play matchups the rest of the year. Here were my results: (please note the leading defense in my league averages around 10 ppg so anything in double digits is phenomenal)

Week 9- CLE vs BAL (8 pts)

Week 10- CAR vs OAK (11 pts)

Week 11- CAR vs DET (16 pts)

Week 12- DAL vs SF (10 pts)

Week 13- DAL vs SEA (14 pts)

Week 14- IND vs CIN (24 pts)

The next 2 weeks Im going with IND vs DET and in week 16 going with either HOU vs OAK or SF vs SEA (havent decided yet). Also, CLE vs CIN or NO vs DET are decent options (although Im not crazy about NO def).

Ill never draft a def high again.

Thanks for the summary. I, too, went with Indy last week. Awesome.

Ill never draft a def high again.
You should NEVER draft a defense high. That said, you should always target a DST or two late in the draft based on schedule and what you think are Ds with upside. I usually draft one, then pick up one prior to Week 1 or soon after. It's always nice to have a NYG, PHI, PIT, BAL, etc. as your stand by. Pick 1 or 2 of the stand-bys happens to NOT be the flavor of the month in that year's draft and chances are you'll get a decent one.But come playoff time, you don't take a chance with an "OK" matchup if you can get an incredible matchup.
San Fran plays St. Louis week 16, which is even better than Seattle if you ask me, and I am totally going with Indy next week followed by San Fran if I'm still in it. To further pump the WW DEF strategy, by the way, I played Arizona DEF last week and had Indy DEF on my bench. Neither of these was on my team before this past week either.


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