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x1 vacancy in Campus to Canton style 16 team league vacancy based on the World League of American Football (1 Viewer)


The World League of American Football (WLAF) is based on a “Campus to Canton'' format with two 16 team leagues, one with an NFL player pool and one with an NCAAF player pool.

One GM will run a team in each league, creating an NCAAF dynasty league and an NFL dynasty league. Similar to a devy league, the NCAAF dynasty team will serve as a devy pipeline, with players promoted to each owner's corresponding NFL dynasty team when they leave college.

IDP is very important in this league and the scoring reflects this but due to the issues being experienced with Fantrax's IDP scoring provider we will be doing offence only line ups for NCAAF. However, teams are still free to draft IDP players, they just won't be in your line ups for this season and potentially until they reach the NFL depending on if the issues with Fantrax's IDP scoring provider are sorted.
We're two years in and the leagues are run on MFL and Fantrax (as it’s the only platform that offers NCAAF). League communication will entirely be run on Slack and GMs will be given separate log-ins for this.

Teams in the NFL dynasty league are based on the WLAF and include the London Monarchs, Orlando Thunder, Rhein Fire and Montreal Machine to name but a few. College teams will be any team you like from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 or SEC.

MFL league is here and for Fantrax I can send you screen grabs of the roster:


The Bylaws are available to view here: BYLAWS

Buy in is $70 and we use Leaguesafe so it's all nice and secure and the fees are split so 35 goes into the NFL pot and 35 into the college pot so how you want to go after glory is up to you.

The franchise is the Montreal Machine and they have the 1.01 in the NCAAF draft. In MFL they have the 1.02 pick in the NFL draft and there are some decent picks like Quay Walker, Channing Tindall, Alec Pierce and Christian Watson all available.

There are GMs in the WLAF from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. For anyone interested please email us at: worldleagueofamericanfootball@gmail.com or drop your details below and we will follow up with you.


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