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Xtreme fantasy football league looking for 2 owners (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone, the league that is as close to owning a real NFL Franchise without spending over $2 billion to do so  is looking for 2 owners to take over 2 orphan teams. 

This league puts the Nasty in Dynasty Fantasy football.

This league is going on its 6th year and showing no signs of letting up or quitting!!! So if you want or need stability in your life,, this is the league for you!!! 

It is a 32 team, copy player league that uses IDP players, coaches, kickers, and even an offensive line...

But let me just showcase more for you..

Some of the highlights of this league that others do not have are:

Radio and video shows .. They are kick ### by the way!

Year round activities to keep you busy.!! Trading is halted in December, but picks right back up January 2nd. 

Round robin tournaments at the end of the year for owners who are not in the playoffs to win $$ and other things.

Participation contests to win draft picks.

And a spectacular system to determine the overall #1 draft pick between the bottom 4 teams...

(This system was put in place due to an owner admitting he tanked the season half way through so that he could get the overall #1 draft pick. The system is phenomenal... )

We use Slack Chat instead of the lame, dry MFFL chat.

There is a ton more but I only have so much space to put everything!!!!

Now onto the things this league offers that are kick ###..

In march we start Franchise, transition, Waiver extension, RFA tagging players... 

We have a salary cap that is the same as the NFL’s, and goes up or down depending on what the NFL does. 

2 Free Agent periods.

A live draft held by one of the radio shows we do throughout the year, and a supplemental draft in the late summer.

As it stands now, we are trying to get as many owners as possible to go to Vegas for our annual draft, last year there were 4 that made it to Atlanta, this year we are looking at 15 or more.. 

We have a rookie pay scale.

A 16 game regular season plus the playoff seedlings

Taxi squad claims

If you win the entire league, you get a trophy, cash, and a Wrestling belt ( Like the WWE has), this year the rules committee has determined that the winner gets to decide what he/she wants, I.E. Just cash, a better trophy, no belt, etc.. Whatever you want!

A league structure and a few committees owners can be on to encourage the continuation of making this league great..

I could try and sell you on so much this league has to offer, but the best way to see what it is about is to join up and experience it first hand.. Its like Madden and the NFL had a baby!!

Like I said, We need 2 owners to fill 2 teams. We arent just taking this as a first come, first serve deal. If interested, there will be a few questions you will need to answer so we can gauge an interest in if you are really interested in the league and if you will be a good fit.  You want the complete what its like to own an NFL franchise without paying over $2 billion to buy a team??? This is the experience you want then... 

If interested, please email me at xffphillyjon@gmail.com for further information and to sign up..



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