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Yahoo $500 12-Team PPR/leaguesafe Drafting 8/25 @ 9pm cst (1 Viewer)


Just as the post says I’m filling up spots in a Yahoo 12-man ppr league with dues paid through leaguesafe. Snake style draft on Saturday 9pm cst. This is a league that’s been running 3-4 years now. Currently opened up to 20 and taking the first 12 that pay. First 12 that pay will be the 12 that play.


Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Also running a $300 and $150 league with the same settings. If you’re interested let me know and i can send you the links for those as well.

12 have signed up, but several haven't paid. The league has been opened to more than 12 temporarily and the first 12 that pay will have their spot locked down and everyone else will be removed. Get in now and reserve your spot!


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