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Yahoo Online Live Auction Question--Any Good? (1 Viewer)


So we've used Yahoo for years and have done offline Auctions. Just noticed that the App and website now have the option of an online Auction...

Anyone tried this and if so did it do a good job?

I've played in 30+ Yahoo auction money leagues in that last 4 years. With the right group of guys the auctions are seamless. Money leagues always bring a better group together. The Yahoo auction room has a few warts but it's user friendly and probably my favorite between it, ESPN and MFL. I do miss old Fantasy Auctioneer and haven't tried a few others. Try a couple mocks @yahoo to get a feel for it. The biggest issue is having no shows because the bot will wreck that team while throwing off the rest of the auction. If everyone is there it's all good. I have an small stakes auction there tonight. My second so far.

Thanks for the replies. I'd hate to have everyone show up and then have issues. My plan/hope is to have a live on site auction with bids put in via phone/ipad app. I'll definitely run a few mocks on that to see how it goes.


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