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Yogi's Projected 1st Round of the 2023 NFL Draft (1 Viewer)


Since the draft is this Thursday, I might as well give everyone my projected order of who gets drafted and where to in the 1st round. So, without further ado:

1. Panthers-C.J. Stroud (QB, Ohio State)

2. Texans-Bryce Young (QB, Alabama)

3. Cardinals-Will Anderson Jr. (EDGE, Alabama)

4. Colts-Anthony Richardson (QB, Florida)

5. Seahawks-Tyree Wilson (EDGE, Texas Tech)

6. Lions-Christian Gonzalez (CB, Oregon)

7. Raiders-Will Levis (QB, Kentucky)

8. Falcons-Jalen Carter (DL, Georgia)

9. Bears-Paris Johnson Jr. (OT, Ohio State)

10. Eagles Myles Murphy (EDGE, Clemson)

11. Titans-Peter Skoronski (OT, Northwestern)

12. Texans-Lukas Van Ness (EDGE, Iowa)

13. Packers-Michael Mayer (TE, Notre Dame)

14. Patriots-Darnell Wright (DT, Tennessee)

15. Jets-Broderick Jones (DT, Georgia)

16. Commanders-Devon Witherspoon (CB, Illinois)

17. Steelers-Joey Porter Jr. (CB, Ohio State)

18. Lions-Bryan Bresee (DT, Clemson)

19. Buccaneers-Nolan Smith (EDGE, Buccaneers)

20. Seahawks-Jaxon Smith-Njigba (WR, Ohio State)

21. Chargers-Bijan Robinson (RB, Texas)

22. Ravens-Quentin Johnston (WR, TCU)

23. Vikings-Deonte Banks (CB, Maryland)

24. Jaguars-Dawand Jones (DT, Ohio State)

25. Giants-Jordan Addison (WR, USC)

26. Cowboys-D'Cyrus Lawrence (OG, Florida)

27. Bills-Brian Branch (S, Alabama)

28. Bengals-Dalton Kincaid (TE, Utah)

29. Saints-Calijan Kancey (DT, Pittsburgh)

30. Eagles-Kelee Ringo (CB, Georgia)

31. Chiefs-Zay Flowers (WR, Boston College)
Thanks for posting a mock.

I feel like Eagles fans would be horrified if that is that their 2 1sts turned into.

No WRs until 20 is a bold call.

Quite the drop for Witherspoon.

A few questions:

Any reason for Stroud over Young? Lotta money to be made there if you are right.

Packers using their 2 spot upgrade for Mayer?

Think Kancey's size drops him all the way to #29, and below Bresee?

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