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You’re an Independent or Registered Republican, who do you vote for? (1 Viewer)


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Henry Ford

Registered independent.  The only way I would vote for Trump is if he were up against:

1. David Duke; or

2. Jeffrey Epstein. 



In America with the freedom to choose, I would vote third party.  With a gun to my head to pick between those two, it depends.  If there was a good chance that they would not impact the balance on the Supreme Court, I would vote for the Democrat.   If the balance of the court was in serious question, I would vote Trump.   I really do not trust the four liberal justices on the court to protect political speech or property rights.   Any meaningful interpretation of the second amendment would be gone.   Abortion would be a government funded right.  Health care could become a right.  There is just way too much power in the courts with decisions made by these unelected judges which can alter our policies indefinitely.  What a president does is temporary.  


The Commish

This, again, comes down to where you place the importance of the various "isms" in relation to political things.  I just can't put those things over the way people are treated as individual human beings :shrug:  


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