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Your bold predictions for 2003 (1 Viewer)


Here's a thread that perhaps we can resurrect at the end of 2003. What football predictions are you willing to go on the record about? No matter how risky or safe they are -- for example, Palmer takes over from Kitna and throws up 18 TDs. That sort of thing.

Here's a few I think will happen:

1) St. Louis will be back in the playoffs, but is stiffled by TB in the second round. Warner will return to the 30 TD plateau. Faulk will get 1200 rushing yards, 800 receiving yards, and 16 TDs total. Bruce and Holt have better than their average seasons, both having over 1300 yards and 8+ TDs.

2) Holmes will be fine starting the season, but will get dinged up throughout the season, and Johnson takes over admirably.

3) "Fragile" Taylor continues his streak of being healthy "every other year" which basically means this year will be a bust.

4) D Jackson will outscore K Robinson.

5) Hasslebeck will do decent, but will get banged up, and give way to Dilfer.

6) Harrington and Carr, the top two rookie QBs last season, will both continue to improve. Both will approach 20 TDs in 2003.

7) Gannon and Co. will do well in 2003, but not quite as well as least season. Brown continues to be phased out of the offense, and we continue to see the rise of Porter, who will get 10 TDs.

8) Price will struggle early on in the season, as he continues to learn the Atlanta offense and how to work well with Vick -- not to mention those pesky double teams! But the second half of the season will see him settle down and make the year worthwhile -- 1000 yards and 9 TDs.

9) Speaking of Vick, he will continue to try and be more of a pocket passer, but still gives in to the urge to run all over the place. He'll have at least one concussion in 2003. But even then, he should have a great season -- 2900 passing yards, 18 passing TDs, 725 rushing yards, and 7 rushing TDs.

10) Arizona will win a measly 2 games in 2003.

11) Tim Couch will begin the 2003 season as the starter in Cleveland, but will choke, and give way to Holcomb....for good. Couch is let go after the season.

12) The Bungles, Lions, and Texans all win 5 games in 2003.

13) The Raven defense will emerge once again -- Lewis will dominate again and show why HE is the #1 LB in the NFL. Suggs will have an excellent year for a rookie lineman.

14) Speaking of the Ravens, their offense will be a bit more....exciting (?) than previous years and show some signs of life. The defense will do it's usual and help carry some games, but with the help of the offense, the Ravens will make it to the second round of the playoffs.

15) Edgerrin James will bounce back and be a top 7 back again.


Ok, there are a few. I could go on, and on. Maybe i'll post some more later on. Perhaps one of the admins could sticky this if enough people participate, so we don't have to go back 68 pages just to dig this back up...?

Let's see how good you are!

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I'd like to make some calls, but some of the fellas from my dynasty league read these boards and since our draft is under two weeks away I'm inclined to be a little tight-lipped. I'll have plenty to say as the season approaches though

5) Hasslebeck will do decent, but will get banged up, and give way to Dilfer.
I disagree...I am going with just one bold prediction, (well, a two-for-one shot anyways)Matt Hasselbeck will finish among the 5-8 range in fantasy QBs, and the Seahawks will lead their division in wins.
I could go two direction here:1) The Dolphins will beat the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. RWilliams named MVP.or2) The Dolphins will collapse in December and get bounced from the playoffs.Hmmm. I don't know what to choose. :banned: How 'bout these?1) Top Fantasy QB: Warner2) Top Fantasy RB: R. Williams3) Top Fantasy WR: Harrison4) Top Fantasy TE: Shockey5) Top Fantasy K: Who Cares?6) Top Fantasy D: Miami7) Biggest Bust: T. Owens (he'll hold out, mouth off, or something)8) Biggest Surprise: J. Plummer (Shanahan will resurrect his career)9) Offensive Rookie of the Year: C. Rogers10) Defensive Rookie of the Year: L. Suggs11) Coach of the Year: B. ParcellsHey. Anybody can make predictions.

My Bold Predictions:1) Holcomb will be the starter from week 3 on and will be a top 10 QB.2) Stallworth takes over as #1 WR in N.O. by seasons end.3) Maddox and Hasselback will both be top 5 QBs 4) Boston violates league rules for stomping CBs into the ground.5) Bengals win 7 games.I have alot more but I'll stick with these for now.

15) Edgerrin James will bounce back and be a top 7 back again.
I tend to agree with you on this one, I recently had the 9th pick in a dynasty league and picked edge at #9 instead of ahman green. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut!! Oh btw i think edge will make it to you on your 10th pick Sinrman LOL..you can take a chance he falls to you in rd2 but i wouldnt bet on it. :banned:
OK, I'll play.* Edge and Faulk do not end the year as Top 5 fantasy RB.* The Rams do not have a Top 12 fantasy QB.* The #1 offenses will be Seattle, KC, and* The Redskins win more games than the Jets.* Michael Vick rushes for a lot fewer yards than last year.* Priest Holmes has 2,000 total yards and 15+TD.* The 49ers and Broncos end up 8-8.* JStewart outscores SDavis in fantasy points.* Garner ends up the year as a Top 10 RB again.* Gardner outranks Coles. Bruce outranks Holt.* Hearst outranks Barlow. Jackson outranks KRob. That's a good start for now.

You want Bold predictions, I'll give you Bold!1. Peter Warrick puts up 1,000 yds receiving and 8 TDs :banned: 2. Stacy Mack breaks into the top 10 RBs as the starter in Houston3. Curtis Conway makes everyone forget about the loss of L Coles in NY Jet land by posting 1300 receiving yards and 7 TDs4. Redman beats out Boller for the starting QB gig in Baltimore and puts up respectable QB2 fantasy points

I will add my out on a limb projections: 1. Clinton Portis finishes as the number 1 RB 2. Jake Plummer gets benched for a half by week 3 and then for the season by week 8. 3. William Green regresses and Jamel White starts getting more carries and third down duties again. 4. The Cincinnati Bengals will win 8 games 5. Jon Kitna will have his best season yet 6. Kelly Holcomb never sees the field this year 7. Tim Brown, left for dead, has 1,000 yards and 4 TDs. 8. Jerry Porter catches 7 TDs to go with his 750 yards. 9. Stephen Alexander finishes as a Top 5 TE10. Randle El has a huge year which drops Hines Ward and Plaxico Burress both out of the Top 1011. Tommy Maddox gets dinged, but finishes the season playing 15 games. He ends up as the 8th best QB.12. The Fun-N-Gun leads the NFL in passing attempts and passing yards, but not passing TDs. Patrick Ramsey has good and bad games, but finishes as a Top 10 QB.13. Laveranues Coles definitely turns out to be better than Rod Gardner, by a wide margin. 14. James Stewart holds onto the starting job all year long.15. Joey Harrington gets benched in favor of Mike McMahon after many bad games in a row16. Michael Vick runs for over 150 yards in a game.17. Donte Stallworth finishes with 100 less yards and 3 more TDs than Joe Horn.18. Footballguys refutes an offer from a major football network to provide their fantasy content. The management team cites lack of control and simply likes what they are doing here.19. Jason Elam finishes the year as the number 1 kicker.20. Darrell Jackson outperforms Koren Robinson in over half of Seattle's games. Their stats end up almost identical.21. Priest Holmes finishes as a Top 5 RB, but does not get a long-term deal with the Chiefs.

"Bold prediction huh? Troy Hambrick will lead the NFC in rushing. "I said bold, not ludicrous... :P Hehe, keep 'em coming guys! It'll be reaaaaaal interesting at the end of the year, because we have several where people are on the exact opposite ends of the fence on. Will be interesting to see who's right and who's wrong..

Chris Chambers is this years Hines Ward. 1150 yds with 11 TD's. :P
Substitue Troy Brown for Chambers and you'll have it right. He'll also get 90 receptions (as he has averaged over the last 3 years).
Here are a few for ya.Seatle wins there division.Kordell Stewart leads Chicago back to the playoffs.Warner puts up 4200 yds and 32TDsMoulds drops out of the top 10 WRs with 1000yds 7TDsF. Taylor stays heathly for 2yrs, Yes 2yrs in a row and gains 2200 tot yds 16TDsOak doesn't make playoffs and Porter is only real FF threat.Theres a few for now.

Onterrio Smith claims the starting job for an injured Michael Bennet during the first 4 weeks of the season and puts up 1200/ 7 and 400/2

Well here's a few off the top of my head. And yes I know predicting injuries is just plain dumb but what the heck it's only a bit of fun. :P


Pennington really struggles in his 2nd year as starter.

Hutchinson leads the Cowboys to a 0-5 start and is replaced by Quincy Carter.
Deuce McAllister gets banged up early and struggles all year.
Edgerrin James get banged up early and struggles all year.
Michael Bennett gets injured and is out for the season.
Maddox gets banged up after a couple of games and doesn't win back the job.
Bengals go 4-12. (very bold)
Falcons go 6-10.Good

Brad Johnson has ANOTHER very good season.
Darrell Jackson outperforms Koren Robinson.
Hearst & Barlow split carries......again.
Lamar Gordon gets a few games and looks much better than '02.
Batch replaces Maddox and plays REALLY well.
Onterrio Smith replaces Bennett & wins ROY. (1100 Yds, 9 TD's)
Fiedler holds off Griese and guides the Phins to the Superbowl.
Priest Holmes has another monster season and is named the league MVP.
James Stewart starts all year and puts together a nice season.Superbowl - Tampa Bay over Miami

Superbowl MVP - Thomas Jones (Gulp) :sleep:

AFC - Miami over Pittsburgh

NFC - Tampa Bay over Seattle

MVP - Priest Holmes

ROY - Onterrio Smith

Ok,Mcallister just misses 2500 total yards, but does score 25 TD's.(winning MVP, and guiding many of my Deuce led fantasy teams to championships :bag: )Holmes is held out of all preseason games despite being declared 100% healthy. Starts the season and plays below expectations. Is replaced early in the season by LJ and a few months later retires due to hip injury.Rams and Cardinals win same amount of games(6)Plummer suprises in Denver and puts up huge fantasy #'sand last but not least........BILLS WIN SUPERBOWL!!!!! :P :sleep:Edited to add this one more prediction: I get banned due to my constant harrasments of " i told you so's" to all the guys who thought Holmes would be healthy and play all year.(especially you Billy B) :yes:

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Sorry, but Troy Brown will never score 11 TDs.
?I agree Troy doesn't have the strength to get many Red Zone TD's.I think the TD's will end up with the TE's and Bethal. And hopefully whoever our RB is.
(1) Miami will face the Saints in the Super Bowl. (2) Arizona will win only one game all season long(3) No team will have a record better than 12-4(4) At least two teams will make the playoffs at 9-7 or 8-8-------(5) Todd Pinkston will finish in the top twenty(6) Artose Pinner will take over from James Stewart and run well(7) Patriots will switch running backs early on in the season and go with Womack(8) Trung Canidate will not be the feature back. That honor will go to Ladell Betts.(9) Jets will NOT win the division in 2003!(10) Charlie Batch will see some action, do great and spark a new quarterback controversy in Pittsburgh(11) One of the running backs will make a serious push for 2000 yards rushing

Read now, weep (or laugh) in 2/2004:AFC East: Dolphins win division, and are only team in division to make playoffs. Derrius Thompson emerges as uncontested WR 2 in preseason, and beween Thompson, McKnight and Gadsden, allows Chambers to thrive in single coverage. Fiedler, RWilliams, Konrad, Chambers, Thompson and McMichael have an eerily similar look to Aikman, ESmith, Moose, Irvin, Harper and Novacek. Pats, Bills and Jets struggle to reach .500. Pats soft running game and smurf WR's contribute to Brady having a major drop in production. Defense is on the field way too much, and Harrison and Milloy get exposed for being unable to adequetly defend the pass. Jets can't overcome the losses of Coles and Richie Anderson, and the same thing happens to Pennington that happens to Brady. RBBC WRBC and TEBC leads to no Jets having a major fantasy impact. Bills succumb to offensive subtractions of Centers, Reimersma and Price, along with pressure on HC Willams from front office to win now or else, and flop terribly. Henry fumbles lead to him sharing time with Sammy Morris and Olandis Gary AND Kenny Simonton as Williams tries anything to generate an offense. Josh Reed begins to develop as a competant possesion receiver, but is no Peerless. Moulds double covered constantly and sees significant drop in production as well.AFC North: Pittsburgh wins division outright. Reimersma and Randle El step up big time and Maddox and Batch combine to make Steelers 2nd most prolific offense in AFC, and team draws comparisons to the Rypien/Byner/Riggs/Clark/Monk/Sanders Redskins. Marvin Lewis led Bengals go 8-8, Dillon explodes and finishes 3rd in AFC in rushing behind Tomlinson and RWilliams. Peter Warrick has a career year operating out of the slot. Ravens and Browns also finish 9-7/8-8. Travis Taylor has a breakout season finishing with just over 1000 yds and 8+ TD's. WRBC helps offense in Cleveland, but with Jamel White and Steve Heiden in the mix, no Browns WR gets over 900 yds and 8 TD's. Jamel White sees a lot more action than expected and cuts into WmGreen's production quite a bit. Holcomb wins starting job in preseason, and takes 80% of snaps in season. Couch gone the following year, possibly earlier, if a contender in the NFC loses a QB in the early going.AFC South: Titans win division behind healthy McNair and EGeorge, who surprises by finishing 5th in AFC rushing. Titans lead league in scoring and McNair is voted AFC Offensive MVP. Indy and J'ville both make playoffs. Edge and Fred stay healthy and play entire season, finishing 5th and 3rd in AFC rushing yards. Colts lead league in offense. Dallas Clark learns to block in his rookie season, allowing Pollard to become a weapon in the passing game again. Pollard finishes 2nd to Gonzo in NFL for yards and TD's. Harrison comes back to earth a little, but still leads the league in most WR categories. Entire Jags team rallies around embattled QB Brunnell who makes it very difficult on front office to decide what to do with him after a pro bowl season (third place behind McNair and Manning). Jimmy Smith quietly records a 1200+ yd/12 td season. Cory Bradford has an excellent year as AJohnson and Gaffney provide enough threat to leave him in man to man and go for almost 1000 yards and 10 td's. Stacey Mack proves to be the total package and signs long term deal with Texans. Dave Ragone wins #2 QB job in preseason, and we are given a glimpse of a future stud in the making.AFC West: It's back to the pack for the Broncos and Raiders, while the Chiefs and Chargers bypass both and land the final 2 playoff spots. Reche Caldwell steps up big time, as does Steven Alexander. Holmes plays, but is not the back he used to be, and LJ, Blaylock and Richardson all see significant time, presenting matchup problems which lead to the passing game exploding. TGreen finishes behind only Manning in AFC passing yards (Remember, the Pittsburgh thing is a combo of Maddox and Batch) and Johnnie Morton gets serious consideration as Comeback Player of the Year after moving to his natural position in the Chiefs offense. NFL has the Raiders O figured out after Super Bowl, and age catches up to the Silver and Black. Tuiasosopo proves in the preseason that he is more than capable of taking over when the Gannon era ends. Jerry (Porter, not Rice) leads the team in receiving (yards and TD's). Age catches up to the Broncos WR's as well, and Plummer doesn't live up to the hype in his first year in Denver. Beurlein sees plenty of action early in the season while Denver thinks they have a chance. Portis struggles vs 8 men in the box, and Quentin Griffin proves to be a better option in the many long yardage situations the Broncos find themselves in, and sees significant time Realizing they have no chance to make the postseason party, they begin to prepare for the future, and Lelie and Adrian Madise wind up with similar #'s to Rod Smith and McCaffery by season's end. Defense wins Championships, and the Dolphins knock off the Colts to take the AFC Crown...But who will they play in the NFC, and will they win it all? Tune in to a message board near you in the near future to catch: The Way It's Gonna Be: Part II...The NFC...

1) David Boston's arms fall out of their sockets while carrying groceries to his house.2) Michael Pittman will be the best RB on D-block3) Kordell Stewart will fly to Toronto so he can finally get married.4) Miami will collapse in December5) The Bucs will repeat and not resign Warren Sapp, because Booger McFarland will lead the team in sacks6) Dexter Jackson will regret leaving Tampa7) Bill Cowher will complain about officiating8) A Browns fan will be arrested for throwing a grenade at an official as he is rushed from the arena9) The Lions will win 6 games10) The Saints will choke

Rushing Leader: Fred TaylorReceiving Leader: Darrell Jackson (I was a year too early in '02)Passing Leader: Matt HasselbeckMVP: Kurt WarnerDPOY: Mike PetersonSuper Bowl: Rams over Jaguars

Rushing Leader: Fred TaylorReceiving Leader: Darrell Jackson (I was a year too early in '02)Passing Leader: Matt HasselbeckMVP: Kurt WarnerDPOY: Mike PetersonSuper Bowl: Rams over Jaguars
now that's funny. :thumbup: :rotflmao:
My random predictios:John Abraham gets 22.5 sacksTodd Pinkston has over 1100 yds and double digiit TDsDavid Boston has over 1400 yds and double digit TDsKrob has 100 catches and double digit TDsThe Packers have a losing recordThe Browns only win 6 gamesTO has 19 TDsEmmit Smith cries every week b/c he only has 2 Tds and 500 yds through week 15Bill Parcells punches Jerry Jones on the sidelineThe Cowboys still have no QB Chargers, Chiefs in playoffs, Broncos and Raiders out of playoffsEddie George rushes for 850 ydsPeerless Price 1000yds 7 TdsThe Dolphins will again miss the playoffs in week 17Brian Westbrook puts up better kick/punt return stats then Brian MitchellVikings make playoffsKurt Warner is again a stud and Torry Holt gets 10 TdsConway does better then ColesEnough for now I guess, feel free to thank me :thumbup:

Krob has 100 catches and double digit TDs
WR Koren Robinson needs to be more consistent and drop fewer passes. However, Robinson's size and speed are a nice complement to the precise route running, instincts and toughness of WR Darrell Jackson, who will face fewer double teams thanks to Robinson. Blogger
Colts Offense is a complete bust.Corey Dillon is the top fantasy RB.Bengals make it to the AFC Championship.Lamar Gordon becomes a Top 10 RB after Faulk goes down for the season.Torry Holt learns to catch TD's and becomes the #1 WR in the league.

This was one of my favorite threads from last year. For whatever reason, I can't get enough of these predictions!Not so bold:Moss gets 1800 and 12 TD's.Rice keeps plugging along and garners (no pun intended) 1200 and 9.Hearst and Barlow put up almost identical numbers as last year and owners of both backs continue to pull their hair out.Charlie Roger's rookie season will be comparable to Holt's rookie season, so will year # 2 for Rogers. :D (Huge '04 numbers for Rogers) 1550 and 10. I know '04 is a long ways off, but get this kid on your roster!Ahhh, the Holmes-LJ debate. 2 words, Faulk-Trung. Same thing here as LJ watches Holmes rip up the NFL for 2 or 3 more years.Bold: Jurevicious puts up 1100 and 7 as he supplants Keenan as the #2 in TB.FF'ers that draft Ahman Green around 8th or 9th overall get a great pick as he will post better numbers than Tomlinson.S. Davis gets 350 carries and goes off for 1435 rushing with 12 TD's.What's with all the DJax will beat KRob talk? All signs point to KRob putting up better numbers. I'll take a stab at these two. DJax, 88 catches for 1040 yards and 8 scores.KRob, 75 catches for 1250 yards and 7 scores.Ron Dayne will suck.

1. Clinton Portis finishes as the number 1 RB.2. Jake Plummer gets benched for a half by week 3 and then for the season by week 8.
Your first two predictions would seem to be mutually exclusive. There is no way that Portis can be the #1 RB without a serious contribution from the passing game. So.... if Plummer blows, who is going to keep defenses honest? 74 year old Steve Beuerlein? Methinks not.
The NFC:NFC East: When we left off, the balance of power was shifting in the AFC West. The trend continues in the NFC East, where the NYGiants take the division handily. Ike Hilliard joins the party and throws his hat into the ring for Comeback Player of the Year. The Giants, with their bevy of offensive weapons, roll through the regular season. Jeremy Shockey, however, is anything but shocking, and while he posts respectable #'s, he finishes near the bottom of the top 10 TE's in overall production. His presence, however,helps Toomer, Hilliard and Tim Carter all to produce career years. Ron Dayne adds to the mix and is an effective change of pace, as the Giants take big leads into the second half and he pummels opponents into submission, running with direction and a sense of purpose. Steve Spurrier, with a year of NFL experience under his belt, and a bevy of players that fit his system, leads the Redskins to a second place finish. Taylor Jacobs shines in a third reciever role, and like Jerry Porter in Oakland, parleys it into a starting job across from Lav Coles in 2004, paving the way for Rod Gardner's release at the end of his contract. Gardner will be the most sought after free agent WR in 2004 behind Terrell Owens, and have a long career as a #1 somewhere on the left coast, possibly Oakland or San Francisco...but wait, I am getting ahead of myself...Donovan McNabb, warrior that he is, cannot do it all by himself, but the rest of the offense can't do much either. Andy Reid is scouting college games for WR prospects in his spare time by week 12...unless the Kevin Johnson trade comes to pass. If that were to happen, you'd have to put the Eagles neck and neck with the Giants, and my playoff predictions would take a sharp turn. Although Troy Hambrick proves to be the real deal, Bill Parcells can't do it without a QB, and endures one of the most frustrating seasons of his career, coaching a team with enough talent to make the playoffs, but saddled with nothing at the most important position on the field. Parcells chooses to wait it out rather than accept some of the absurd trade proposals presented to him by the Browns, among others.NFC North: The Packers, possessing both the QB and WR's that the Cowboys and Eagles lack, take the division by storm, and Brett Favre starts having fun again. The Pack gets a reprieve from their foolish decision not to draft a QB 2003, and begin scheming to grab Eli Manning in 2004 to groom as his eventual replacement; good things continue to happen to good folks. Minnesota's offensive juggernaut rolls to a second place finish. Michael Bennett absolutely tears it up from all over the field, and D'Wayne Bates proves to be an effective complement to Moss, and Byron Chamberlain leads NFC TE's in catches and yards. But it won't be enough to secure a playoff berth (See below). The Detroit Lions become everyones darling by midseason as Mooch begins the Motor City Miracle in fine fashion. James Stewart and Mickael Ricks thrive in the WCO, and lead the charge to a .500 record. In Chicago, Idiot John Shoop, not Kordell, proves to be the Bears undoing, as he refuses to play to Kordell's strengths. He is replaced midway through the season as offensive coordinator, but by then it's too late. Although the Bears only win 4 games, they prove to be a handicappers dream as an underdog, playing everyone close and people are comparing Booker, Dez and Terrell to Plax, Ward and Randle El by season's end. NFC South: This year's version of the NFC Norris Division, with the Bucs and Falcons fighting it out to the end, and not one team finishing below .500. The Bucs are dubbed "Raiders East", as Brad Johnson and friends have everyone drawing comparisons to the fallen kings of the AFC. As good as the defense is, the offense is even better. Brad Johnson finishes 5th in the NFC QB rankings as he teams up with Key, Keenan and Joey J, and RBBC yeilds a HUGE unexpected surprise: Not Jones, Stecker, Stephens or Pittman, but rather...EARNEST GRAHAM!!! Yes, you heard it here 1st...Vick will have a fine year, as will Dunn and Crumpler, but Peerless will fall far short of expectations. The entire Saints organization will fall short of expectations, but not from a fantasy standpoint. Right on the heels of the Bucs and Falcons, they will lose a tiebreaker and be denied a trip to the postseason party. Carolina will leave everyone wondering how good they could have been WITH Kevin Dyson, as a 9-7/8-8 finish and a close brush with the postseason will leave fans clamoring for 2004 before 2003 comes to a close. Sad to say, the division will be to blame for the fact that only 2 teams go to the party, as they all finish 3-3 while...NFC WEST...the Seahawks and Rams go 5-1 in their division, and those extra two victories get 'em both in ahead of the Panthers and Saints. Seattle will be an offensive machine, but fantasy drafters everywhere will regret not taking DJackson in rd 8 instead of KRobinson in Rd 3, as the two will be statistically identical at seasons end. Hasselbeck and Warner duel for top NFC passer honors down to the final week of the season. Holt has a coming out party, and scores double digit TD's for the first time in his career. A lot of them too, about 14...part of the reason for this is Troy Edwards blossoming into a legitimate threat. Kurt and Marshall stay healthy, and Marshall finishes in top 3 in the league in yards from scrimmage. Shaun Alexander is right on his tail, and Lamar Gordon and Maurice Morris only see time in mop up roles. Seattle does start gauging interest in trade talks for Alexander, and they pull a New Orleans and deal one of the two before the draft in 2004. Terrell Owens singlehandedly ruins the 49'ers whole season with his antics and mouth, and they can't wait to let him go by seasons end. Among his teammates he earns the nickname "Cancer", and gets punched in the mouth in the locker room by one of the following: Garrison Hearst, Derrick Deese, Ron Stone, Derrick Smith or Tony Parrish. The incident is covered up in a similar fashion to Brian Greise "tripping" in Terrell's driveway. Owens' actions enrage fans, as well as fantasy players, when management shows who is boss, and back Dennis Erickson's benching of Owens for the Nov 2 home game vs the archrival Rams. Tai Streets has a huge year, prompting the Niners to resign him during the season and greases the skids for Owens' departure. Arnaz Battle gets plenty of PT and shares time with Cedrick Wilson, whose job as #2 he will take in training camp 2004. Emmitt Smith and Jeff Blake wonder what the hell they agreed to when they signed on for their purgatory in the desert. Gamblers everywhere win a ton of $ betting against them for the first several weeks of the season 'til the lines go so high people refuse to touch them, except the most savvy of us!!! Freddie Jones remains a fantasy dud. Michael Jordan is heard to say "I told you so" as he collects on a preseason bet with Emmitt regarding the value of joining a loser franchise, and the Pope canonizes the entire fan base of season ticket holders as Martyrs. The fan club organizes a class action lawsuit vs Bill Bidwell on the basis of fraud, and to no one's surprise, it's revealed in the enquirer that Bill Bidwell and Abe Pollin share the same genes. After an embarrasing home loss to the Panthers in which the Cards set a league record for not being able to generate a first down, the league unveils it's new "Mercy Rule" on Dec 21st in Seattle early in the fourth quarter with the Cards down by 9...touchdowns... and the stadium empty...OK, so maybe it wont be that bad. Sorry I got carried away.In any event, Giants over Seattle in the NFC Championship. Fireworks galore!!!...and the fireworks continue in the Big Apple a few weeks later as the Giants knock off the Dolphins in The Big Game At The End...

3) "Fragile" Taylor continues his streak of being healthy "every other year" which basically means this year will be a bust.4) D Jackson will outscore K Robinson.
1) Taylor will be a top 5 RB this year and lead Jax to the playoffs.2) K Rob will not only outscore but he will be one of the WR in the league.3) Boston will make everyone forget about last season in Az.
ok ok heres BOLD.. 1. Pitts realizes that Maddox is a worse qb than Stewart with all his fumbles upon sacks and interceptions..yet Pitts makes it to the Superbowl.2. Portis gets injured.. :shock: 3. Emmit Smith has a great year ..yet silent.. due to AZ losing all but 1 game. :rant: 4. Chambers lives up to last years hype5. Giants win Super Bowl..over Pittsburgh :D 6. Owens has a mediocre year due to his holdout and dbl teams :hot: 7. Jets suck again :sleep: 8. Vick has a bad year trying to use a system that he is not comfortable in...Reeves gets canned by the end of the season and the new coach vows to build a off. around Vicks natural talents. Vick never fully recovers and becomes a average qb...along the ranks of Stewart...NOW THATS BOLD! ;) 9. Dallas still sucks..press talks about Parcells 3 year plan..Parcells says "hey its better than the politicians four year plan"...ol' Jerry gets busted for running a drug enterprise :lol: 10. Miami makes it to the playoffs..then lose :wall: 11. Cincy makes it to the wild card12. Foster does great after taking over for a injured Davis13. Fred Taylor stubs his toe and is out for the year again...Terry Glenn calls him his b....well you get the point.14. Speaking of her....Terry Glenn has a remarkable year..and is glad at the end of the year to be joined by Keyshawn once again after a high stake trade15. Hilliard does better than Toomer16. Anthony Thomas wonders why he was doubted after a killer year.17...Quentin McCord has 12 tds from Vick as Price carries all the dbl teams18. The Zebras will be full time at the end of another "accurate" year19. Manning is horrible..Harrison breaks a leg...(I hope not btw)20. Oakland finally retires.. :P As far as my injury predictions I hope I'm wrong with all of them ..but it is a contact sport and that happens..just my predictions..disclaimer:I AM NOT A PAID PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC..all material is meant to be taken in a light hearted manner..unless of course I'm right and then you may call me for $4.95 per minute at 1-800-IMA-GOOD

Kerry Collins has an All Pro year, hitting career highs across the board.Saints and Brooks become consitant, Donte Stallworth becomes super star.Farve retires after worst year in GB.Marquees Walker has solid year in AZ.Price scores just 5 TDsPorter goes 1100 w/ 11 TDs

Top 7 fantasy backs in this order:Clinton PortisLaDanian TomlinsonDeuce McCallisterPriest HolmesRicky WilliamsMarshall FaulkEdgerrin James

2) K Rob will not only outscore but he will be one of the WR in the league.
I couldn't agree more, I also believe that Robinson will be one of the WRs in the League this season. :rotflmao: I'll add that Fred Taylor Leads the League in Rushing.
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Top RB's for the season1. Priest Holmes (healthy, happy, and pi$$ing off Larry Johnson every week)2. Corey Dillon (part of the surprising top-5 offense in Cincinnati)3. Clinton Portis (that boy goooood)4. L. Tomlinson ( his name is way too long to type as the #1 RB)5. Not Ricky...bad season/injury...something will keep him from the top 5 RB'sAlso top ten or near it...Antowain Smith and Stephen Davis.

1 - Fred Taylor actually gets injured. I know, I know, crazy stuff considering how durable he was last year. 2 - The Bengals make the AFC championship.I see it crept from 5 wins, to 8 wins, to the Playoffs during the course of this thread. Thought I'd bump it up one more3 - A guy we've never heard of becomes a Top 10 rusher, a la Dominic Rhodes & Mike Anderson. My guess is on someone in Dallas, Detroit or New England, not named Hambrick, Stewart or Antowain Smith respectively4 - Terrell Owens does not finish as a Top 10 wideout5 - Neither does Marvin Harrison6 - Or Hines Ward7 - Or David Boston8 - A side that didn't make the playoffs last year, wins the Superbowl9 - The Hulk gets a job on the Tampa Bay defense. Warren Sapp is still bigger10 - Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe and Ed McCaffrey agree to form a coalition to beat the snot out of Jake Plummer after he gets in the huddle and says 'Its my huddle, if you don't like it, you can get the F*** out of here'Plummer gets placed on the PUP list after having random pieces of Football Equipment inserted in unlikely places11 - William Green becomes a top 10 back12 - So does T J Duckett13 - And Lamont Jordan14 - Eddie George, Marshall Faulk, Priest Holmes and Jerome Bettis all become shadows of their former selves15 - Marcus Robinson plays a full seasonMVP - Donovan McNabb

Talk about bold predictions... a bunch of you have the Bungles making the playoffs?! Sheeeesh...... I know we're all ballsy, but this? :thumbup:

A RB will run for 2000+ yards, and his name is.......
Michael Pittman... while he's attempting to escape from prison.He probably won't make it though.
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