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Your favorite comedy clips of all time (1 Viewer)


This guy makes me laugh now - Sebastian Maniscalo

Love Sebastian

Netflix stand up Dec 5!
This guy is not funny
Dane Cook fan, eh?
Actually would put Dane Cook and that clown in the same category. The not funny and super annoying category

I don’t find GM annoying.

Ron Swanson

Not my favorite but Mitch hedberg is awesome
My wife was pretty sure I was a lunatic recently when I insisted on stopping to take a picture of out of order stairs. I couldn't get this bit out of my head all day...


The Spanish Inquisition, especially the 2nd part, by Monty Python is one of my all-time favs. I also love the Philosopher Soccer Game.


Tim Conway and the elephants on Carol Burnett show

Just came here to post this clip. The first part is how Conway told the story during the morning rehearsal. The second part of the clip is how he played it during the live show that night


Tim Conway and the elephants on Carol Burnett show

IMO, the funniest bit on TV. This would be #2:

I would also plug Fawlty Towers - the Germans, but you really need to see the whole episode to appreciate the funniest bit.

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