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Your GO - TO phone Fantasy Apps....... (1 Viewer)


 Most members here (as far as the ones I have had dealings with over the years) we generally have and utilize some type of fantasy app on our phones.

The kind that gives you instantaneous news, injury alerts etc. etc.   I have used these for years in tandem with the community and boards here, and its been effective.

Personally I have been using  the "Fantasy Life App" , the one Matthew Berry is behind.  Generally its been decent over the years, with constant alerts. That said, this pre-season has been pretty much a disaster.

Continuous app issues, crashing,  never receiving alerts, you name it. (Even after I downloaded the newest update released earlier today)

A quick board search and I remembered the League Dominator App, but I know little about it.

 I'm curious to what other apps our members here are currently using, or have been using the last few years......and what you generally think of  these.

I run Sleeper, Fantasy Life and Twitter notifications. Sleeper has historically been about 5 minutes behind Fantasy Life, but no crashing issues.

Sleeper is enough during the week. They really do an outstanding job with the app.
Sunday, for news, they're quite behind. Ya can't beat the immediacy of twitter.
I really want a KFFL FBG email type news page. "FBG news app" would fill a big gap if they were to make one. I'm sure they have their hands full though. Every day the site shows hundreds of pages of content.

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