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Your Top 20 TEs (1 Viewer)

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Clayton Gray

Just call me Carlton
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Hey guys,

It's time for the 1st installment of the Footballguys.com Expert Rankings, and as usual, the message board will be listed as an expert.

Go ahead and leave your top 20 TEs here.

Please try and vote for the other positions as well:

Overall QB RB WR PK Defenses

Scoring system

4 pts = TD pass

6 pts = TD run/catch

1 pt = 20 YD pass

1 pt = 10 YD run/catch

-1 pt = INT

3 pts = FG

1 pt = PAT

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1) Tony Gonzalez2) Jeremy Shockey3) Todd Heap4) Alge Crumpler5) Marcus Pollard6) Shannon Sharpe7) Billy Miller8) Randy McMichael9) Doug Jolley10) Bubba Franks11) Mikhael Ricks12) Jerramy Stevens13) Chad Lewis14) Kyle Brady15) Jason Witten ( r )16) Christian Fauria17) Frank Wycheck18) Itula Mili19) Anthony Becht20) Freddie Jones

TE:01. Shockey02. Heap03. Gonzalez04. Franks05. Pollard06. Miller07. McMichael08. Crumpler09. Chamberlain10. Sharpe11. Brady12. Alexander13. Ricks14. Jolley15. Wycheck16. Becht17. Jones18. Lewis19. E Johnson20. Stevens

1 ) Tony Gonzalez2 ) Jeremy Shockey3 ) Bubba Franks4 ) Todd Heap5 ) Shannon Sharpe6 ) Randy McMichael7 ) Mikhael Ricks8 ) Freddie Jones9 ) Marcus Pollard10 ) Billy Miller11 ) Chad Lewis12 ) Byron Chamberlain13 ) Stephen Alexander14 ) Alge Crumpler15 ) Kyle Brady16 ) Jerramy Stevens17 ) Frank Wycheck18 ) Doug Jolley19 ) Anthony Becht20 ) Christian Fauria

1 Shockey2 Heap3 Gonzalez,T4 Pollard,M5 Franks,B6 Sharpe,S7 Fauria,C8 Lewis,C9 Becht,A10 Jolley11 Conwell,E12 Wycheck,F13 Mili,I14 McMichael15 Stevens16 Brady,K17 Jones,F18 Cleeland,C19 Dudley,R20 Alexander,S

1. T. Gonzalez2. T. Heap3. M. Pollard4. J. Shockey5. B. Franks6. R. McMichael7. A. Crumpler8. S. Sharpe9. C. Lewis10. F. Wycheck11. D. Jolley12. S. Alexander13. K. Brady14. B. Miller15. F. Jones16. C. Cleeland17. M. Ricks18. A. Becht19. E. Conwell20. E. Johnson

01. Jeremy Shockey - NYG02. Todd Heap - BAL 03. Bubba Franks - GB 04. Tony Gonzalez - KC 05. Doug Jolley - OAK 06. Shannon Sharpe - DEN 07. Chad Lewis - PHI 08. Randy Mcmichael - MIA 09. Cameron Cleeland - STL 10. Billy Miller - HOU 11. Alge Crumpler - ATL 12. Marcus Pollard - IND 13. Jerramy Stevens - SEA 14. Eric Johnson - SF 15. Ernie Conwell - NO 16. Freddie Jones - ARI 17. Byron Chamberlain - MIN 18. Christian Fauria - NE 19. Mikhael Ricks - DET 20. Daniel Graham - NE

1. Shockey2. Gonzalez3. Heap4. Sharpe5. McMicheal6. Franks7. Jolley8. Pollard9. Crumpler10. Stevens11. Alexander12. B Miller13. Chamberlain14. Fauria15. Ricks16. Becht17. E Johnson18. D Clark19. Wycheck20. Lewis20.

1. Todd Heap - BAL 2. Tony Gonzalez - KC 3. Jeremy Shockey - NYG4. Bubba Franks - GB 5. Randy McMichael - MIA 6. Shannon Sharpe - DEN 7. Alge Crumpler - ATL 8. Doug Jolley - OAK 9. Jason Witten - DAL10. Jerramy Stevens - SEA 11. Billy Miller - HOU 12. Marcus Pollard - IND 13. Byron Chamberlain - MIN 14. Daniel Graham - NE 15. Chad Lewis - PHI 16. Cameron Cleeland - STL 17. Eric Johnson - SF 18. Ernie Conwell - NO 19. Freddie Jones - ARI 20. Christian Fauria - NE

1 Jeremy Shockey NYG2 Tony Gonzalez KAN3 Todd Heap BAL4 Bubba Franks GNB5 Shannon Sharpe DEN6 Randy McMichael MIA7 Alge Crumpler ATL8 Marcus Pollard IND9 Mikhael Ricks DET10 Cam Cleeland STL11 Stephen Alexander SDG12 Doug Jolley OAK13 Billy Miller HOU14 Kyle Brady JAC15 Chad Lewis PHI16 Jay Riemersma PIT17 Anthony Becht NYJ18 Jerramy Stevens SEA19 Desmond Clark CHI20 Freddie Jones ARI

1. Heap2. Gonzales3. Sharpe4. Pollard5. Shockey6. Franks7. C Lewis8. McMichael9. Jolley10. Crumpler11. Fauria12. Wycheck13. B Miller14. Becht15. E Johnson16. Riemersma17. Chamberlain18. Brady19. Dilger20. Ricks

1- Tony Gonzalez2- Jeremy Shockey3- Todd Heap4- Bubba Franks5- Dallas Clark6- Randy McMichael7- Shannon Sharpe8- Billy Miller9- Doug Jolley10-Alge CrumplerThe rest are average at best.

1.Gonzalez2.Heap3.McMichael4.Shockey5.Franks6.Crumpler7.Pollard8.Sharpe9.Jolley10.E. Johnson11.Ricks12.Chamberlain13.Fuaria14.Becht15.Wycheck16.Whitten17.Conwell18.Stevens19.Flemister20.Poppru

1. Gonzalez2. Shockey3. Heap4. Franks5. McMichael6. Sharpe7. Pollard8. Becht9. Crumpler10. Conwell11. E. Johnson12. C. Lewis13. Billy Miller14. Ricks15. Stevens16. Jolley17. Brady18. Cleeland19. F. Jones20. D. Graham :wall: :banned: :wall:

1 Shockey2 Gonzalez3 Heap4 Franks5 Sharpe6 Pollard7 Cumpler8 Stevens9 Becht10 McMichael11 Jolley12 Brady13 Miller14 Desmond Clark15 Lewis16 Witten17 Whycheck18 Ricks19 Dallas Clark20 Jones

Well the top 20 seems pretty close except I only saw Desmond Clark twice at 14 and 19 everybody has forgotton the numbers he put up in Denver. I think he will be top ten this year. He didn't get to play much last year but IMO he is gonna make back to the elite tight end group this year.

My picks:1.Shockey2.Gonzo3.Heap4.Franks5.Crumpler6.Conwell7.Pollard8.McMicheal9.Stevens10.Jolley11.Betch12.Lewis13.Sharpe14.Johnson15.Jones16.Miller17.Ricks18.Clark19.Witten20.Brady

I thought there were only 3 TE's in the league! :football: Let me count them again...Shockey, Gonzo, Heap......1,2,3I was right, there is only 3 TE's.Where do you get off thinking there are anywhere near 20?! :wacko: :lol:

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1. Heap2. Gonzales3. Sharpe4. Pollard5. Shockey6. Franks7. C Lewis8. McMichael9. Jolley10. Crumpler11. Fauria12. Wycheck13. B Miller14. Becht15. E Johnson16. Riemersma17. Chamberlain18. Brady19. Dilger20. Ricks :whistle: HEAP IS THE ULTIMATE, ALL AROUND, COMPLETE TE.

Crumpler is already one ofthe top-10 TEs in football, he'll be a top-5 guy this season. I saw some lists that didn't even include him at all :rotflmao:

1. Gonzalez2. Shockey3. Heap4. Franks5. Sharpe6. McMichael7. Jolley8. B Miller9. Chamberlain10. C Lewis11. Crumpler12. Stevens13. Pollard14. Becht15. Brady16. E Johnson17. Wycheck18. Alexander19. Dilger20. F. Jones

1. Shockey2. Heap3. Gonzalez4. Franks5. Sharpe6. Pollard7. Jolley8. Crumpler9. Becht10. C Lewis11. McMichael12. Stevens13. Conwell14. Chamberlain15. Dilger16. Wycheck17. Fauria18. Riemersma19. E Johnson20. B Miller

1. Todd Heap2. Tony Gonzalez3. Bubba Franks4. Jeremy Shockey5. Marcus Pollard6. Doug Jolley7. Jerramy Stevens8. Shannon Sharpe9. Alge Crumpler10. Eric Johnson11. Anthony Becht12. Randy McMichael13. Freddie Jones14. Frank Wycheck15. Chad Lewis16. Byron Chamberlain17. Desmond Clark18. Dan Graham19. Mikhael Ricks20. Dallas Clark

1. Shockey2. Gonzo3. Heap4. Sharpe5. Pollard6. Franks7. Crumpler8. Miller9. Brady10. Stevens11. Conwell12. Lewis13. Becht14. Graham15. Jones16. Jolley17. Clark18. Witten19. Wycheck20. Alexander

1 Gonzalex2 Franks3 Heap4 Sharpe (if he's stillin the league!)5 Shockey6 Pollard7 McMichael8 Lewis9 Becht10 Jolley11 Fauria12 Wycheck,13 Stevens14 Jones15 Miller16 Brady17 Ricks18 Riemersma19 Chamberlain20 Dudley

1.Tony Gonzalez2.Jeremy Shockey3.Todd Heap4.Bubba Franks5.Anthony Becht6.Byron Chamberlain7.Alge Crumpler8.Marcus Pollard9.Doug Jolley10.Jerramy Stevens11.Chad Lewis12.Frank Wycheck13.Randy McMichael14.Dan Graham15.Billy Miller16.Eric Johnson17.Mikhael Ricks18.Ernie Conwell19.Kyle Brady20.Freddie Jones

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