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Your Top 35 WRs (1 Viewer)

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Clayton Gray

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Hey guys,

It's time for the 1st installment of the Footballguys.com Expert Rankings, and as usual, the message board will be listed as an expert.

Go ahead and leave your top 35 WRs here.

Please try and vote for the other positions as well:

Overall QB RB [TE PK Defenses

Scoring system

4 pts = TD pass

6 pts = TD run/catch

1 pt = 20 YD pass

1 pt = 10 YD run/catch

-1 pt = INT

3 pts = FG

1 pt = PAT

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1. harrison2. owens3. moss4. boston5. moulds6. horn7. price8. holt9. robinson, k10 burress11 ward12 toomer13 gardner14 booker15 driver16 bruce17 coles18 johnson, c19 mason20 smith, j21 stallworth22 smith, r23 johnson, keyshawn24 jackson, d25 brown, troy26 rice27 morgan, q28 porter29 chambers30 conway31 thrash32 taylor, t33 streets34 galloway35 reed, j

Keeping in mind that I'm notoriously bad at WR projections:1) Marvin Harrison2) Terrell Owens3) Randy Moss4) Hines Ward5) Joe Horn6) Rod Gardner7) Koren Robinson8) Plaxico Burress9) Peerless Price10) Eric Moulds11) Marty Booker12) Chad Johnson13) Laveranues Coles14) David Boston15) Donald Driver16) Torry Holt17) Amani Toomer18) Jerry Rice19) Jimmy Smith20) Jerry Porter21) Charles Rogers ( r )22) Rod Smith23) Keyshawn Johnson24) Troy Brown25) Donte Stallworth26) Derrick Mason27) Quincy Morgan28) Isaac Bruce29) Santana Moss30) Javon Walker31) Terry Glenn32) Jabar Gaffney33) Josh Reed34) Ashlie Lelie35) Tim Brown

WR:01. Harrison02. Owens03. Moss04. Burress05. Horn06. K Robinson07. Holt08. Boston09. R Smith10. D Mason11. C Johnson12. Booker13. Toomer14. Moulds15. Ward16. Gardner17. Troy Brown18. Jimmy Smith19. Driver20. Price21. Rice22. Q Morgan23. Key Johnson24. T Taylor25. Chambers26. Morton27. Thrash28. Bruce29. Muhammad30. Coles31. C Rogers32. Bryant33. Stallworth34. Reed35. ConwayEdit: oops! forgot Coles

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1. Harrison2. Owens3. Moss4. Moulds5. Holt6. Burress 7. Horn8. Price9. Johnson, C10. Boston11. Robinson, K12. Ward13. Toomer14. Stallworth15. Taylor, T16. Gardner17. Johnson, keyshawn18. Booker19. Morgan, Q20. Driver21. Chambers22. Bruce23. Reed, J24. Conway25. Coles26. Mason27. C. Rogers28. A. Johnson29. Smith, J30. Smith, R31. Streets32. Jackson, D33. Brown, troy34. Rice35. Porter

1.Owens2.Harrison3.Moss4.Burress5.Robinson6.Moulds7.Ward8.Horn9.Toomer10.Boston11.Johnson, C12.Holt13.Stallworth14.Coles15.Driver16.Price17.Booker18.Reed,J19.Moss, S20.Gardner21.Mason22.Brown,Troy23.Jackson, D24.Bruce25.Smith, R26.Conway27.Rogers28.Johnson, A29.Smith, J30.Streets31.Rice32.Porter33.Johnson, Key34.Chambers35.Taylor, T

1. Owens2. Harrrison3. Moulds4. H. Ward5. R. Moss6. K. Robinson7. Holt8. Booker9. Burress10 Driver11 Boston12 Gardner13 Toomer14 Jerry Rice15 J. Smith16 J. Horn17 D. Mason18 Rod Smith19 P. Price20 Chambers21 Chad Johnson22 Bruce23 T. Taylor24 Charles Rogers25 Antonio Bryant26 Muhsin Muhammed27 D. Stallworth28 J. Gaffney29 Porter30 L. Coles31 Keyshawn Johnson32 Kinneson33 Thrash34 Bryant Johnson35 Reggie Wayne

1. Owens2. Harrison3. Boston4. Horn5. Ward6. R. Moss7. C. Johnson8. Toomer9. Burress10. Moulds11. K. Robinson12. Driver13. Booker14. Price15. Porter16. Stallworth17. Gardner18. Coles19. Holt20. D. Mason21. D. Jackson22. Chambers23. Josh Reed24. C. Rogers25. Lelie26. Rice27. Conway28. Key. Johnson29. Dyson30. Q. Morgan31. Troy Brown32. T. Taylor33. J. Smith34. Bruce35. Galloway

1 ) Terrell Owens2 ) Marvin Harrison3 ) Randy Moss4 ) Eric Moulds5 ) Torry Holt6 ) Plaxico Burress7 ) David Boston8 ) Joe Horn9 ) Peerless Price10 ) Koren Robinson11 ) Laveranues Coles12 ) Donald Driver13 ) Amani Toomer14 ) Jimmy Smith15 ) Jerry Rice16 ) Rod Smith17 ) Isaac Bruce18 ) Hines Ward19 ) Rod Gardner20 ) Marty Booker21 ) Donte Stallworth22 ) Chris Chambers23 ) Chad Johnson24 ) Charles Rogers25 ) Keyshawn Johnson26 ) Troy Brown27 ) Jerry Porter28 ) Terry Glenn29 ) Jabar Gaffney30 ) Ashlie Lelie31 ) Tim Brown32 ) Travis Taylor33 ) Derrick Mason34 ) Quincy Morgan35 ) Josh Reed

1) Harrison, Marvin 2) Owens, Terrell3) Moss, Randy 4) Moulds, Eric 5) Ward, Hines 6) Burress, Plaxico 7) Horn, Joe 8) Boston, David 9) Johnson, Chad 10) Robinson, Koren 11) Holt, Torry 12) Driver, Donald 13) Toomer, Amani 14) Booker, Marty 15) Mason, Derrick 16) Rice, Jerry 17) Johnson, Keyshawn 18) Bruce, Issac 19) Price, Peerless20) Gardner, Rod 21) Coles, L 22) Stallworth, Donte 23) Smith, Rod 24) Smith, Jimmy 25) Porter, Jerry 26) Pinkston, Todd 27) Jackson, Darrell 28) Morgan, Quincy 29) Chambers, Chris 30) Wayne, Reggie 31) Bryant, Antonio 32) Brown, Troy 33) Streets, Tai 34) Galloway, Joey 35) Reed, Josh

1 Harrison,M2 Moss,R3 Owens,T4 Moulds,E5 Driver,D6 Ward,H7 Horn,J8 Toomer,A9 Price,P10 Robinson, K11 Smith,J12 Burress13 Rice,J14 Bruce,I15 Smith,Rod16 Booker,M17 Holt,T18 Porter19 Boston,D20 Bryant21 Stallworth22 Jackson,D23 Chambers24 Johnson,Ky25 Thrash,J26 Gardner27 Mason,D28 Coles, L29 McCardell,K30 Brown,Ti31 Galloway,J32 Schroeder33 Brown,Tr34 Johnson,Kv35 Taylor, T

1. M. Harrison2. T. Owens3. R. Moss4. D. Boston5. H. Ward6. E. Moulds7. J. Horn8. P. Price9. D. Driver10. R. Gardner11. T. Holt12. Q. Morgan13. J. Smith14. A. Toomer15. L. Coles16. I. Bruce17. M. Booker18. K. Robinson19. K. Johnson20. J. Rice21. C. Conway22. T. Taylor23. C. Johnson24. D. Mason25. R. Smith26. C. Chambers27. P. Buress28. J. Galloway29. T. Pinkston30. R. Wayne31. J. Porter32. D. Jackson33. B. Finneran34. Troy Brown35. D. Stallworth

1 Harrison2 Owens3 Moss4 Ward5 Moulds6 Boston7 Burress8 Horn9 Price10 Driver11 Toomer12 Holt13 Booker14 K. Robinson15 C. Johnson16 Coles17 R. Smith18 Mason19 Rice20 Porter21 Bruce22 J. Smith23 Tr. Brown24 Key. Johnson25 Chambers26 Stallworth27 Conway28 Jackson29 Morgan30 Galloway31 Glenn32 Gardner33 Conway34 Muhammad35 McCaffery

1 ) Terrell Owens2 ) Marvin Harrison3 ) Randy Moss4 ) Eric Moulds5 ) Torry Holt6 ) Plaxico Burress7 ) David Boston8 ) Joe Horn9 ) Peerless Price10 ) Koren Robinson11 ) Amani Toomer12 ) Donald Driver13 ) Rod Smith 14 ) Jimmy Smith15 ) Jerry Rice16 ) Laveranues Coles17 ) Isaac Bruce18 ) Hines Ward19 ) Derrick Mason20 ) Marty Booker21 ) Donte Stallworth22 ) Chris Chambers23 ) Chad Johnson24 ) Charles Rogers25 ) Keyshawn Johnson26 ) Troy Brown27 ) Jerry Porter28 ) Corey Bradford29 ) Joey Galloway 30 ) Ashlie Lelie31 ) Muhsin Muhammed32 ) Travis Taylor33 ) Rod Gardner34 ) Bryant Johnson35 ) Josh Reed

01. Marvin Harrison - IND 02.Terrell Owens - SF 03. Randy Moss - MIN 04. Plaxico Burress - PIT 05. Eric Moulds - BUF 06. Joe Horn - NO 07. Marty Booker - CHI 08. Torry Holt - STL 09. Amani Toomer - NYG 10. Keyshawn Johnson - TB 11. Koren Robinson - SEA 12. Jerry Rice - OAK 13. Donald Driver - GB 14. Laveranues Coles - WAS 15. Chris Chambers - MIA 16. Rod Smith - DEN 17. David Boston - SD 18. Peerless Price - ATL 19. Isaac Bruce - STL 20. Hines Ward - PIT 21. Derrick Mason - TEN 22. Troy Brown - NE 23. Travis Taylor - BAL 24. Jimmy Smith - JAC 25. Muhsin Muhammad - CAR 26. Jerry Porter - OAK 27. Donte' Stallworth - NO 28. Antonio Bryant - DAL 29. James Thrash - PHI 30. Chad Johnson - CIN 31. Rod Gardner - WAS 32. Brian Finneran - ATL 33. Darrell Jackson - SEA 34. Joey Galloway - DAL 35. Curtis Conway - NYJ

Terrell OwensMarvin HarrisonRandy MossTorry Holt David BostonPlaxico BurressDonald DriverHines WardKoren RobinsonAmani Toomer Eric Moulds Joe Horn Chad JohnsonDarrell Jackson Marty BookerPeerless PriceJimmy Smith Rod GardnerDerrick MasonIsaac Bruce Travis Taylor Jerry Rice Laverneaus ColesKeyshawn Johnson Donte StallworthChris ChambersJerry PorterJosh ReedRod Smith Troy Brown

1. Harrison2. Owens3. Moss4. Moulds5. Ward6. Boston7. Horn8. Burress9. Holt10. Toomer11. Price12. Booker13. C Johnson14. K Robinson15. R Smith16. Coles17. Driver18. J Smith19. D Mason20. Bruce21. Rice22. D Jackson23. Troy Brown24. Key Johnson25. Gardner26. Chambers27. Stallworth28. Porter29. Conway30. J Reed31. Streets32. Taylor33. Galloway34. Pinkston35. J Walker

1. Marvin Harrison - IND 2.Terrell Owens - SF 3. Randy Moss - MIN 4. David Boston - SD 5. Eric Moulds - BUF 6. Joe Horn - NO 7. Marty Booker - CHI 8. Amani Toomer - NYG 9. Hines Ward - PIT 10. Derrick Mason - TEN 11. Torry Holt - STL 12. Jerry Rice - OAK 13. Koren Robinson - SEA 14. Chad Johnson - CIN 15. Donald Driver - GB 16. Laveranues Coles - WAS 17. Keyshawn Johnson - TB 18. Rod Smith - DEN 19. Jerry Porter - OAK 20. Donte' Stallworth - NO 21. Troy Brown - NE 22. Peerless Price - ATL 23. Chris Chambers - MIA 24. Plaxico Burress - PIT 25. Isaac Bruce - STL 26. Jimmy Smith - JAC 27. Muhsin Muhammad - CAR 28. Travis Taylor - BAL 29. James Thrash - PHI 30. Charlie Rogers -DET31. Darrell Jackson - SEA 32. Joey Galloway - DAL 33. Antonio Bryant - DAL 34. Rod Gardner - WAS 35. Brian Finneran - ATL

1. Owens2. Hrrison3. Moss4. Moulds5. Burress6. K-Rob7. Coles8. Jimmy Smith9. Chad Johnson10. Horn11. Holt12. Toomer13. Rice14. Boston15. Booker16. Driver17. Price18. Conway19. Troy Brown20. Chambers21. Mason22. Ward23. Keyshawn24. D. Jackson25. Taylor26. Trash27. Bruce28. Bryant Johnson29. Rod Smith30. Stollworth31. Gardner32. Lelie33. Porter34. Charles Rogers35. Andre Johnson

1) Marvin Harrison2) Terrell Owens3) Randy Moss4) Eric Moulds5) Joe Horn6) Plaxico Burress7) Peerless Price8) Donald Driver9) Hines Ward10) Torry Holt11) Marty Booker12) Derrick Mason13) Chris Chambers14) David Boston15) Rod Gardner16) Koren Robinson17) Laveranues Coles18) Keyshawn Johnson19) Rod Smith20) Curtis Conway21) Amani Toomer22) Jerry Porter23) Chad Johnson24) Donte Stallworth25) Jerry Rice26) Isaac Bruce27) Jimmy Smith28) James Thrash29) Troy Brown30) Darrell Jackson31) Tim Brown 32) Josh Reed33) Corey Bradford34) Santana Moss35) Charles Rogers ( r )

1. Harrison2. Owens3. Moss4. Moulds5. H Ward6. Holt7. Horn8. Toomer9. Rod Smith10. Boston11. Jim Smith12. Driver13. Rice14. Price15. Burress16. Booker17. K Robinson18. Troy Brown19. Keyshawn20. Rod Gardner21. Bruce22. Thrash23. Hilliard24. D Jackson25. Coles26. Tim Brown27. Stallworth28. Conway29. Josh Reed30. Muhammad31. Chad Johnson32. Chambers33. Pinkston34. Boerigter35. T Taylor

1. Owens2. Harrison3. Burress4. Moss5. Boston6. K. Robinson7. Moulds8. Horn9. H Ward10. Toomer11. Holt12. Price13. Rice14. Coles15. C Johnson16. Driver17. Booker18. Stallworth19. Rod Smith20. T. Taylor21. Jim Smith22. Troy Brown24. Keyshawn25. Rod Gardner25. Bruce26. Thrash27. Hilliard28. Chambers29. Tim Brown30. D Jackson31. Conway32. Ferguson33. Morgan34. Pinkston35. Boerigter

1. Harrison2. Owens3. Moss4. Moulds5. Horn6. Boston7. Holt8. Toomer9. H Ward10. Rod Smith11. Jim Smith12. Driver13. Stallworth14. Price15. Burress16. Booker17. K Robinson18. Troy Brown19. Keyshawn20. Rod Gardner21. Bruce22. Rice23. Mason24. D Jackson25. Coles26. Chad Johnson27. Thrash28. C Rogers29. Conway30. Chambers31. Josh Reed32. Tim Brown33. Pinkston34. Muhammad35. Boerigter

1-Terrell Owens2-Marvin Harrison3-Randy Moss4-Eric Moulds5-Plaxico Burress6-Hines Ward7-Koren Robinson8-David Boston9-Donald Driver10-Torry Holt11-Joe Horn12-Chad Johnson13-Laveraneus Coles14-Amani Toomer15-Jerry Rice16-Peerless Price17-Donte Stallworth18-Rod Smith19-Jimmy Smith20-Quincy Morgan21-Derrick Mason22-Marty Booker23-Chris Chambers24-Isaac Bruce25-Tim Brown26-Keyshawn Johnson27-Jerry Porter28-Charles Rogers29-Darrell Jackson30-James Thrash31-Travis Taylor32-Curtis Conway33-David Terrell34-Tai Streets35-Joey Galloway

1 Owens2 Harrison3 Moss4 Moulds5 Horn6 Burress7 Holt8 Toomer9 Boston10 Ward11 Driver12 K Robinson13 Mason14 C Johnson Cin.15 Booker16 Morgan17 Coles18 Gardner19 Rice20 D Jackson21 J Smith22 Stallworth23 Porter24 Conway25 Bryant26 Bruce27 Troy Brown28 Streets29 Galloway30 Bradford31 S Smith32 S Moss33 Wayne34 Branch35 Jurevicious

1 Marvin Harrison IND2 Terrell Owens SFO3 Randy Moss MIN4 Eric Moulds BUF5 Joe Horn NOR6 Peerless Price ATL7 Hines Ward PIT8 Koren Robinson SEA9 David Boston SDG10 Plaxico Burress PIT11 Amani Toomer NYG12 Torry Holt STL13 Donald Driver GNB14 Jimmy Smith JAC15 Rod Smith DEN16 Jerry Rice OAK17 Derrick Mason TEN18 Donte' Stallworth NOR19 Laveranues Coles WAS20 Isaac Bruce STL21 Chad Johnson CIN22 Keyshawn Johnson TAM23 Curtis Conway NYJ24 Chris Chambers MIA25 Jerry Porter OAK26 Troy Brown NWE27 Marty Booker CHI28 Travis Taylor BAL29 Muhsin Muhammad CAR30 James Thrash PHI31 Joey Galloway DAL32 Charlie Rogers DET33 Darrell Jackson SEA34 Rod Gardner WAS35 Andre Johnson HOU

HarrisonOwensMossWardMouldsHornBuressPriceK. RobinsonA. ToomerC. JohnsonM. BookerT. HoltL. ColesD. MasonD. DriverD. BostonJ. RiceRod GardnerJ. StallworthC. ChambersD. JacksonK. JohnsonIsaac BruceR. SmithAntonio BryantPorterCharles RogersJimmy SmithAshlie LelieJames ThrashQuincy MorganAndre JohnsonTravis TaylorCurtis Conway

1 Harrison :yes: 2 T. O.3 Horn4 Moulds :yes: 5 Moss :yes: 6 Plaxx7 Holt8 Toomer9 Price10 Driver :yes: 11 Boston12 Gardner 13 Koren14 Coles15 Booker :yes: 16 Chad J. :yes: 17 Mason18 Stallworth19 Ward20 Bruce21 J. Smith22 R. Smith23 D. Jackson :yes: 24 Conway25 Tr. Brown26 Keyshawn27 Rice28 Thrash29 Q. Morgan30 Porter :yes: 31 Finneran32 A. Bryant33 J. Walker34 Muhammad35 Boerigter

My picks:1.Harrison2.Moss3.Owens4.Horn5.Burress6.Toomer7.Holt8.Moulds9.Djax10.Robinson11.Boston12.Booker13.Mason14.K.Johnson15.Porter16.C.Johnson17.Ward18.J.Smith19.Driver20.R.Smith21.Bruce22.Thrash23.Rice24.Stallworth25.Bradford26.Price27.Morgan28.Tr.Brown29.Conway30.Chambers31.Bryant32.Hakim33.K.Johnson34.Kennison35.Pinkston



1. Owens2. Harrison3. Moss4. Moulds5. Burress6. Price 7. Toomer8. Boston9. Horn10. Holt11. Coles12. Rod Smith13. Bruce14. Stallworth15. Booker16. Ward17. Driver18. Chad Johnson19. Jimmy Smith20. Troy Brown21. Jerry Porter22. Jerry Rice23. Mason24. Robinson25. Chambers26. Conway27. Kevin Johnson28. Q. Morgan29. Gardner30. Thrash31. Pinkston32. Keyshawn Johnson33. Rogers34. Lelie35. Streets :shock: :banned: :alien::saddam: :( :wall:

1. Owens2. Harrison3. Moss4. K. Robinson5. Ward6. Horn7. Moulds8. Holt9. Toomer10. Boston11. Burress12. C. Johnson13. Booker14. Mason15. Troy Brown16. Rod Smith17. J. Smith18. Driver19. Q. Morgon20. Gardner21. Bruce22. Rice23. Price24. Kennison25. Chambers26. Coles27. Stallworth28. Rogers29. Key. Johnson30. A. Johnson31. Conway32. Reed33. Thrash34. Taylor35. Reed

The one thing that really jumps out at me is David Boston. How soon people forget how he was last year. Even before he was injured, he was dropping soooo many easy catches. I just think it's too early to put him in the top 5 as most have done. New team, new offense, new QB, top 5 RB, a real defense, coming off surgery, etc. = why I need to see him play before I put him that high.

1. Terrell Owens2. Marvin Harison3. Randy Moss4. Koren Robinson5. Torry Holt6. Eric Moulds7. Amani Toomer8. Hines Ward9. Plaxico Burress10. David Boston11. Donte Stallworth12. Ashley Lelie13. Marty Booker14. Keyshawn Johnson15. Laverneus Coles16. Peerless Price17. Joe Horn18. Darrell Jackson19. Jerry Rice20. Troy Brown21. Derrick Mason22. Donald Driver23. Jerry Porter24. Rod Smith25. Chris Chambers26. Josh Reed27. Quincy Mogan28. Jimmy Smith29. Travis Taylor30. Rod Gardner31. Joey Galloway32. Tai Streets33. Isaac Bruce34. Antonio Bryant35. Muhsin Muhammad

1. harrison2. owens3. moss4. moulds 5. toomer6. ward 7. horn8. holt9. boston10 burress11 robinson, k12 driver13 mason14 booker15 smith, j 16 bruce17 coles18 meshawn19 price 20 johnson, c21 stallworth22 smith, r23 johnson, andre24 jackson, d25 brown, troy26 rice27 rogers28 porter29 chambers30 conway31 thrash32 taylor, t33 reed, josh34 galloway35 morgan, q

1.R. Moss 2.T. Owens 3.M. Harrison 4.E. Moulds 5.T. Holt 6.A. Toomer 7.D. Boston 8.K. Robinson9.D. Driver 10.P. Burress 11.P. Price 12.H. Ward 13.D.Stallworth14.Ch. Johnson 15.D. Mason 16.Rod Smith 17.J. Horn 18.J. Porter 19.Troy Brown 20.Jim Smith21.C. Chambers 22.L. Coles 23.C. Bradford 24.C.Rogers25.T. Pinkston 26.M. Muhammad 27.Key. Johnson 28.E. Kennison29.J. Reed30.D. Jackson 31.T. Taylor 32.J. Walker33.S. Moss34.I. Bruce 35.M. Boerighter

1. Randy Moss2. Randy Moss3. Randy Moss4. Randy Moss5. Randy Moss6. Randy Moss7. Randy Moss8. Randy Moss9. Randy Moss10. Randy Moss11. Randy Moss12. Randy Moss13. Randy Moss14. Randy Moss15. Randy Moss16. Randy Moss17. Randy Moss18. Randy Moss19. Randy Moss20. Randy Moss21. Randy Moss22. Randy Moss23. Randy Moss24. Randy Moss25. Randy Moss26. Randy Moss27. Randy Moss28. Randy Moss29. Randy Moss30. Randy Moss31. Randy Moss32. Randy Moss33. Randy Moss34. Randy Moss35. Randy Moss

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