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YouTube channels of people building own homes (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

A few years back I stumbled upon this guy up in Canada building a log cabin.  Really cool to follow him for years and check-in on his progress and follow his family.  He's a preacher of some sort and has had some sad person things take place in his life that he shares along the way of the build.  


We built this traditional cedar log cabin, mostly in our spare time! It's been a labor of love, with many challenges along the way, and we loved every minute of it! For years, it's been our dream to build our own cabin, but we grew tired of dreaming, and so we decided to make it happen. This is our journey... Thanks for joining us! :)


I started to get hooked on these videos and found another fantastic channel of a guy up in Russia who not only built a cabin, he's an engineer and does all sorts of amazing side-projects like building a waterwheel to generate electricity and power a stone grinder to mill his own wheat along with building his own unique benches/forging custom made tools/making a kayak out of shrink wrap, even making a bee hive to harvest his own honey.  

This guy is amazing.


I am showing how one person can move 400 kg (1000 lbs) logs using a primitive DIY log hoist and a pulley system. My Off Grid Log Cabin is located in Russia. Link to MY LOG CABIN PLAYLIST:


Then we found this gentle giant from some place in Eastern Europe and what he did is so amazing.  After he felled trees and hand poured his footings, he started to build something and it completely threw me because, well.  He built his own crane out of logs that looked like a carousel.  He didn't explain what he was doing so as I was watching, I was totally lost and kept asking, what the hell is he doing?  Took a few episodes to see.  

Very cool.


It's hard to believe that I've been working at the log cabin now for over 3 years. Doing most of the work by myself and doing it the way I envision it takes a lot of time, but I would not want to do it any other way. Here I've put together an overview of the last 3 years, cut into a 30min video. I've done a lot of work to get the cabin to where it is now, with over 50 hours of videos produced and I thought it would be nice to have a shorter video showing everything from start until now. I can imagine that not everyone would like to go through all of the episodes or my longer recaps at the end of the year. Although watching the episodes, gives a completely different understanding of how the building was done and it shows more into the details the process.


Then we found this couple who is building an earth bag home out of dirt in the desert.  This is within the budget of most people because everything including the land is super inexpensive.  Easily one of the most fascinating builds I've followed.  Hardly anyone knows about them compared to the other channels, but I am in love with what they are doing and what they have accomplished on a bare bones budget, just incredible IMHO.

They are still in the process of building the home but are nearly done so there isn't a synapsis video of the completed build.  Love these guys.


Mar 16, 2021 Hi! We're Jim and Jess, a married couple building our dream of an off-grid, sustainable homestead in Southern Arizona. What is it like to live on rainwater and build a huge 14,000 gallon earthbag cistern by hand? Thriving on 100% off-grid solar energy? How do you build a dream home out of dirt with no heavy machinery? We're working towards self-sufficiency and a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life together. Be sure to subscribe to watch all our failures, triumphs, and fun!


Finally, we found one of the YouTube darlings who have a zillion subscribers so some may have heard of this couple who many love.

Even though the video says they are finished, not quite done with the build but they are done with most of the outside and are really close to finishing the entire build.


We are a family of 6 building our own concrete log home in the mountains of North Idaho with no experience. Our goal is to remain debt-free through our complete home build & do as much as we can to create a sustainable homestead. We are finally dried in! Now the real fun begins!


I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves this stuff so share any that you follow.

Also, if you have not checked anything like this out, I can highly recommend watching these channels.  I love it.


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