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Zach Diles out for the season (1 Viewer)

Lot of ripple effects possible here.

1. Kevin Bentley starts, but we'll probably see Morlon Greenwood playing on the weak side much more often than he had been.

2. Bentley was ahead of Greenwood on the nickel depth chart in the preseason, but Greenwood took the nickel snaps when Diles tweaked his hamstring in a game a couple of weeks back. The every-down role could go either way, though the smart money may be on Greenwood.

3. This could be the opening Xavier Adibi needed to force himself into a role after falling behind in camp due to injury.

4. We may find out how much of DeMeco Ryans' tackle numbers was injury related vs due to the good play of Diles.

Too bad for Diles. He was improving with every passing week.

Sad news. He was one of my best free agency finds in zealots this year and was becoming a very reliable LBer. I hope he can fully recover for next season.


Interested to see if Adibi gets his shot... I was always high on him, and I finally just traded him away last week in an attempt to make a run, but he was subsequently dropped. I'm going to be watching this situation closely... any news would be appreciated.

just sent some trades to the demecos ryans owner... hoping he gave up on him and doesn't know diles is out.

I see a pattern developing here...

EJ Henderson gets injured, I pick up Diles

Diles goes nuts for several weeks and then goes to IR.

I pickup LeRoy Hill to replace Diles.

Someone call Seattle and tell them they need to bring a kid up off the practice squad because I just gave Hill the kiss of death.

I don't think Diles is on IR yet? This is important because some leagues will not allow certain moves until this has happened.


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