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Zach Moss for Deebo Samuel (1 Viewer)


My RB situation is Kamara/Jacobs/Moss/Conner/Murray. My WR situation is BAD with Woods/Brown/Kirk/Rondale Moore. 12 team league. I have an offer of Samuel for Moss. This league values RBs incredibly high and the next available RB on the waivers is Johnson for the Jets, Brown for Miami or Sermon for SF. So the RB depth is super deep. I cannot play 5 RBs at once I know, but having 3 starting RBs feels strong since Conner and Murray are TD dependent and RB depth is pretty important in our league for the long run. I feel like I'm suffocating at WR though and leaving too much depth in my RB holdings.

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I'd probably take it. Deebo seems to definitely improve your lineup and I think Moss is expendable given the quality of your RB situation. I have kind of a similar problem the other way around lol


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